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The Hostess With the Mostess

LuAnn discusses "Hangergate," and the ladies behavior upon their arrival in Morocco.

By Luann de Lesseps

Salam my friends!

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When I got on the plane to go to Morocco, I was filled with excitement for the adventure ahead of us. Morocco is mysterious and magical, and the sights and sounds are so exotic and fascinating. I'm so glad I had the chance to bring the girls to this incredible country and that we can share our trip with you!

We stayed in a lovely riad, which is a traditional Moroccan estate that has an interior garden and courtyard. Our riad was in Marrakech and was just gorgeous. Brad Pitt stayed there right before we arrived if that gives an indication of the riad's quality. The staff was incredible, the food was delicious, and the service was impeccable.

Ramona brought enough clothing for multiple women, so I can see why organizing her clothing and accessories was difficult -- but asking the staff to unpack her mess was over the top. As for Sonja, the riad was very secure and her bags were safe because there was a man guarding our van.

Hanger-gate was what I call the hanger drama! Why couldn't the girls just ask for more hangers instead of turning unpacking into a dramatic event? I wanted everyone to be happy, so I went and found more hangers. It was a simple fix. 

I could understand why, after traveling, Sonja, Alex, and Ramona would need to freshen up and get some rest but I didn't understand why they didn't come to lunch with us or, if they had the energy, out shopping that afternoon. Sonja and Ramona had other plans, which was fine but they didn't have to lie about being tired and needing a car ride to nap. They were free to do whatever they wished, but they could have made an effort to join us for lunch as I worked so hard planning this trip. That would have been the gracious thing to do.

It was out of character for Kelly to criticize Sonja's home and lifestyle during lunch. I felt that Kelly was being unfair to Sonja. Her townhouse in New York is lovely. I attribute Kelly's comments to jetlag. Sonja's financial matters are her own business and shouldn't be up for conversation during lunch. 

Ramona's reach extends across an ocean apparently, and I was surprised that Brad would share his dislike for Ramona so openly with us. He obviously is on Team Jill

Albert is the top designer in Morocco, and he makes exquisite dresses and caftans. Instead of letting him work his magic, Ramona was being difficult when she asked him to lower the neckline to her specifications, even though the style in Morocco is very conservative. In Morocco, more is better when it comes to clothes.

Brad planned a lovely party for his birthday, and he went all out with the snake charmer, band, and fortuneteller. The buffet dinner was delicious, and, typical for Morocco, it was fresh and colorful. Like a lot of people, I'm a little squeamish around snakes, but it was fascinating to watch the snake charmer, especially when he brought the snake right up to his mouth! I was surprised that Jill thought nothing of putting a snake on her head. She's braver than me when it comes to cold-blooded animals! 

I thought the fortuneteller's predictions were very insightful. Jill does have a big heart and she does sometimes talk too much. Sonja's fortune was dead-on as well because money isn't life, even if Sonja focuses on it. Kelly's fortune I loved because I want her wish to have another baby to come true, and Ramona's fortune was eerie. . .is there another woman? I hope not because I'm all for families staying together.

Yaha bi bi, until next week!

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