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On a Lighter Note

Sonja shares her heartbreak over the financial troubles -- and the way her so-called friends reacted.

By Sonja Morgan

Well this is a tough episode for me as it brings back all the emotion I went through when I filed my Chapter 11 and when it became public I was battling a $7 million judgement against me by a movie producer for a film that was never made. I was advised by my lawyers to file to protect my assets. I have a lot of outstanding business, my assets tied up in divorce, and needed some time to sort it out. Never in my life did I imagine being in this situation. I pay my credit cards in full every month -- as well as all my bills and mortgages. I have stellar credit, so it was a scary move for me.

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On a lighter note I am so happy to see the ladies catching up with their guys and romancing. Ramona looks amazing in the red slip. I don't know how she does it all. Alex cracks me up with her long sexy dresses and giving just a peek a boo peek of her skin. Her and Simon are very close, and it shows.

Whew! Glad that scandal is cleared up by Mario right off the bat. The only other woman in his life is Avery. I love LOVE. I want everyone to be happy and healthy.

I was asked by Jill to take pics since I wasn't riding a camel -- and yes, I did cut Cindy out them. One of the reasons I was shaky and didn't feel well enough to ride was because Cindy that very morning had sic'ed herself on me at the souk, of all places. Mustapha had just warned us to be careful, and she was distracting me. She says I was screaming at her in the van ride the night before -- which never happened, I don't scream at people. I tried to break the ice between her and Ramona and made some light self-deprecating jokes. She really got on my last nerve, so I didn't go out of my way to get the last camel in every pic -- but I did get some nice pics. It was just beautiful in the desert with all the rusty colors highlighted by the sunset. I thought everyone dressed so beautifully for the ride.

I love Jill when she says "Can I pick out what YOU like?" to Bobby. Best Housewife line ever. I used to represent a custom tailor from Italy, and I would meet celebrity, and powerset clients in LA and NY to order from him, so I know the routine of picking from the luxurious bolts of fabric. You know me, I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me! I think Jill is hilarious putting her initials on her husbands clothes. Very smart.

I was shocked the subject of my financial affairs and business dealings were brought up at the focus group for Jill's shapewear. I was there to help Jill launch her product, and could have easily cancelled considering my state, but didn't want to let her down. I have a background in marketing and fashion and thought I was invited to make helpful comments. It was not the appropriate place or time. I was once again blindsided by people who are considered friends.

I am heartbroken that I have had the worse advice from so called experts. I trusted that my managing director who had 20 years experience in the movie business knew what he was doing and that my financial advisors and lawyers had me covered -- all while going through a divorce and a financial market crash.

Speaking of experts I love when Jill says “When you add on your assets of $12 million and you add on that liability of $7 million, that’s where the $19 million comes from. I think that’s where they got it.”

Well Jill, I do know when you take seven from 12 its not 19, it's five. These are the kinds of experts and friends that got me in this mess! Of course my lawyers tell me later that I had to list my ex-husbands mortgages as well, because we haven't settled our divorce. Things aren't how they may appear. That's why one needs the right "experts."

It has been a steep learning curve in a business I knew nothing about. That was my mistake. I am back to doing what I know and will recover some of my loss with continued hard work. I have always been a hard worker and pull my own weight in my relationships. I do need to be a bit less trusting of people though. I like to see the best in everyone but not everyone wants the best for me. It's hard to take off the rose colored glasses because I like to enjoy my life to the fullest with a light heart and believe everyone is kind. Facing this reality is not pretty for me.

People ask me how have you come so far in life and experienced so much? I live each day like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That has kept me young and healthy and given me the strength to take big risk and too achieve big returns, however, I don't relish making the same mistakes twice and don't plan on it! I learn from my mistakes, so onwards and upwards.

What I wish to share are my lifestyle tips. I have been through thick and thin, ups and downs, and you don't need money or access to improve on your life. If I can do that by sharing my recipes, beauty secrets, household and decorating tips on a dime, and my travel and style secrets I will be a happy lady. If you're happy, I'm happy.

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