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Thank You Viewers

Aviva reflects on her first season as a Housewife and answers viewer's questions.

By Aviva Drescher

Thank you Bravo for this wonderful opportunity. It has been a tremendous platform to reach out to the amputee community. This has expanded to anyone who has ever felt different for any reason -- religion, sex, race, gender, sexuality, or any physical challenge. Embrace it! You all inspire me and teach me everyday. I hope we all continue to learn from each other how to persevere through life's obstacles. I look forward to spreading the theme of unconditional acceptance.

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Thank you Carole, Heather, LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja: working with you ladies has been an honor. Each one of you is beautiful, strong, courageous, and accomplished. We have shared a unique experience together, one which only we can truly understand.

Most importantly -- dear viewers. . .Thank you for your support, love, opinions, and for watching! This blog is for you. I have compiled many questions that you asked on Twitter and have answered as many as I was able. I would love to hear in your comments about YOUR lives, who you are, and why you enjoyed this guilty pleasure we share.

@RachDanger: @AvivaDrescher I like how you limit your kids' exposure to the show. [Is] it hard to keep them from wanting to be on camera during filming?
Answer: My children are indifferent to the show and filming. They just want to do their kid stuff and have fun. I have tried to show them a scene or two that they are in and they watch for two seconds and then run off and play! They are bored by this show. (Sorry Bravo!!!)

@lschultz714: @AvivaDrescher Welllll, since you asked, your husbands cousin is one of my favorite actresses @frandrescher love to hear about that
Answer: Fran Drescher is a talented actress and icon. Her charitable work is extraordinary. She is brilliant, kind, and very generous. Reid and I feel lucky to have her as part of our family. She is loyal and always takes the high road.

@luvbuffalo: @AvivaDrescher I'm interested in knowing how being on #rhony has affected your day to day life and if u have any regrets
Answer: My life is most affected when filming because it takes up a great deal of time. People I meet love to talk to me about the show. I really enjoy meeting new people! Otherwise, my life has not changed much day to day.

@xxMLG: @AvivaDrescher In hindsight are you glad you joined the show? Would you do it again?
Answer: I am so happy I joined the show! It has been a wonderful experience and has enabled me to reach so many people. If I could turn back the clock, I would do it all over again!

@luvbuffalo: @AvivaDrescher what hair products do you use? Your hair is gorgeous!!
Answer: Thank you! Yarok hair products. They are organic.

@mama_martin710: @AvivaDrescher What ur expectations were when u signed up 2 do HW's & how they compared/differed from "reality" of what ended up happening!
Answer: I expected to film half as much as I did. I never expected to argue with grown women because in reality, I never argue with my girlfriends. I was surprised by the heavy filming schedule and the conflict that I engaged in!

@sobogurl: @AvivaDrescher you never mention your mom. Is she still living? Did your parents divorce because of your dad's "appetite" for young ladies?
Answer: My mom passed six years ago due to alcoholism. She was German, kind, and stunning. A wonderful devoted mother and wife. My dad and mom were together until the day she died. They were always madly in love, loyal, and devoted to each other.

@IamStefBrown: @AvivaDrescher sum up mostly what it was like your first season being on #RHONY you are an inspiration to a lot of people :-)
Answer: Thank you! It was like living in an alternate universe. Completely weird environment which was very new and foreign. I often felt like a deer caught in the headlights. At the same time, it was incredible. To get a front row seat and a backstage pass to a phenomenal part of pop culture was a blast. Of course, my goal, to help other amputees and physically challenged was everything.

@mamecastle: @AvivaDrescher I wanna know specifically when did you have your moment of clarity that you needed to apologize to the girls?
Answer: I knew the minute that I name called in St. Barths that I was wrong. I immediately said, "Oh s---." It wasn't until I saw the footage of what happened when I wasn't there, that I had gone WAY WAY overboard.

@zharasun: @AvivaDrescher If you want to come back, ur relationship with your ex is going. ur dad for to rehab for sex addiction? How's the charity?
Answer: I am still in court with my ex-husband. My father is not in rehab for sex addiction YET. . .(LOL). The charity is doing so well!!! Raising so much more money since doing the show!

@RHODC_FANS: @AvivaDrescher if you could do this season of #RHONY ovr again what would you do differently? Love u by the way. Great new HW.
Answer: Thank you! I regret going overboard in my dramatic antics. . . Additionally, I regret the way my amputee status and fears were portrayed. I have maintained relationships with people for 20 years who had no idea that I was an amputee or that I had some phobias. . .When the show aired several people approached me shocked that these issues even existed. . .Flash forward, somehow on the show, I am depicted as being defined by both. In part, this is my fault because I was trying to raise awareness. . . Perhaps it was overdone. By the same token the phobias and leg, which in reality are very much in the background of my life, on the show became front row and center. I am very sad that this occurred because it is not all who I am. It is my very nature since childhood to put all that leg stuff in the background and live life to the fullest. I still do. The silver lining is that despite the overdone message, I have been able to impact so many people especially children.

@PiazzaAlexander: @AvivaDrescher what was your biggest fear about coming on the show and how did you handle it? What have you taken away from the show?
Answer: My biggest fear was how the show would impact my children. I spoke to Bravo about my children and I was cautious. To date, they are totally unaffected by the show except when I am writing these blogs! (Wink.) One of the things I have taken away from the show is that everyone has really different opinions. It is incredible! I also learned that there is a lot of love in this world.

@Kerry1040: @AvivaDrescher Is the show scripted and do they tell u what to say and fight about?
Answer: The show is not scripted and production does not tell us what to fight about.

@thillygirl: @AvivaDrescher I want to know how you know Bethanny and do you still see her?
Answer: I met Bethenny through my childhood friend in PR named Jake Spitz. I see Bethenny if I bump into her. She is the person who is largely responsible for my "Housewife" status.

@meow_catfight: @AvivaDrescher i want to know how you stay in shape & keep your ass looking so fabulous! #sojelly
Answer: Thank you! I eat a high protein diet and workout on the stairmaster from time to time.

@FUTUREMRSHEEMAN: @AvivaDrescher I want to know about what makes you Happy in life and what you love to do in spare time
Answer: My husband, children and helping others makes me happy in life. I spend most of my free time with family and good friends. Reading, excercising, and exploring NYC are some of my favorite activities.

@JoszefDola: @AvivaDrescher -You should touch on your involvement with GLAAD & how involvement w/filming #RHONY affected your role as a philanthropist.
Answer: I am so happy to be involved with GLAAD. The LGBT community must be cherished. Fear of differences is fear of life itself. History must be remade with regard to the LGBT community. Acceptance is everything. My RHONY role has helped my efforts towards raising money and awareness for the causes which I advocate for.

@AnnBram: @AvivaDrescher Let's hear more about your dad, Aviva! Seems like a pretty interesting guy to say the least.
Answer: To me he will always be dad. He was a great nurturing and inspiring father growing up. He was always my hero. He defines the American dream a bit. He grew up very poor and educated himself to be an accountant. He landed clients like John Lennon, the Beatles, Woody Allen, Stevie Wonder, etc. He is very smart, well read (he reads a book a day) and totally inappropriate! Kind hearted and loving man.

@SamDyas: @AvivaDrescher do regret doing #rhony??
No, not at all. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that enabled me to help others on a large scale.

@LA_SUZANITA: @AvivaDrescher I would love to know more about your "green living" & what products you use & avoid for your kids.
Answer: I buy organic fruits and vegetables. Organic chicken. Grass fed beef. Careful with fish. (Low in mercury.) I try to use cleaning products, creams, soaps, etc. without chemicals.

@schillings7: @AvivaDrescher How about your family! Would love to hear more about the kids and your parenting style!
Answer: We believe in love, love, and more love!!! And boundaries. Reid and I like to have boundaries to make the children feel safe, but we don't like to overschedule them. They need downtime. We expose our children to as many different activities and cultures as possible. We want the children to know that the world is made up of lots of different and beautiful people!

@schillings7: @AvivaDrescher Also do you treat your anxiety naturally or with meds? Any tips on how to control it would be much appreciated!
Answer: I find Omega-3s, calcium magnesium, and all the Bs to help with anxiety.

@dinky42765: @AvivaDrescher about how you could give so many people hope in their lives to overcome major tragedies
Answer: Life is limitless. Everyone can do their personal best. The race is with yourself. Even in the most dire of circumstances, happiness and love can be found.

@ChiaraSoprano1: @AvivaDrescher LOL I want to know WHY you really agreed to do this show?
Answer: It seemed like a good idea at the time! LOL!To raise awareness for amputees and help anyone with physical challenges.

@ChiaraSoprano1: @AvivaDrescher Also, if you had to do it over again, knowing what you know now, would you still have agreed to be on the show?
Answer: Yes. I have reached so many people with my mission. Helping others made the headache worth it.

@Erin_in_AR: @AvivaDrescher Perhaps you can tell us about some funny scenes or events while filming that didn't air?
Answer: There are SO many. There were many scenes I filmed with Carole that were very intimate that didn't air. A great scene with Fran Drescher and my family. . .A funny segment when my whole family went trick or treating for Halloween in costume. (I looked ridiculous as Cleopatra). . . There is a bonus episode on Monday. Let's see what is shown!

@KarenLongIsland: @AvivaDrescher. Things you've learned about yourself and the things you've learned about human nature. Both good and bad.
Answer: I have learned to think before I speak. Less is more. Human beings are most drawn to conflict since the beginning of time and they still are.

@MelissaScaia: @AvivaDrescher What do you look back on this season and am most proud of?
Answer: My children and the children who are physically challenged who have the courage to persevere.

@superrealityfan: @avivadrescher I'm sure you have been asked this. Name one thing you would change about this season. xoxo :)
Answer: I would have discussed my phobias, leg, and St. Barths MUCH less. I would have listened more to my gut.

@robynwbuxton: @AvivaDrescher What is your relationship like today with the housewives?
Answer: I get along great with everyone except Ramona. It has been an honor to work with all five women. Each woman is beautiful, inspirational, and strong.

@JakeOnTheRocks: @AvivaDrescher how about your favorite things about NYC. . .why you think it's the best city in the. world !?
Answer: I love the diversity and the culture that is practically on every corner. There is always something to do. Always something to learn. I love the theatre, museums, art galleries, and restaurants. I love that my children are exposed to all such activities and that they can do it on their own as teens with public transportation.

@stillthatladyb: @AvivaDrescher let's hear more about charity for children with missing limbs.
Answer: One Step Ahead was started by Amy Winters. Amy is an incredible woman and athlete. The charity helps chIldren by creating athletic environments to raise their self esteem. We raise money to help afford prosthetics for children not otherwise covered by insurance. Children need two to three prosthetics per year and sometimes insurance companies will only provide for one per year -- or even one per lifetime, depending on the insurance company.

@cowbandit03: @AvivaDrescher I'd like to know did u think it all turned out how u thought it would b4 the season aired? BTW still my fav this season.
Answer: No, not at all! There were so many surprises in each episode! There was so much that we filmed that was not included. Loving, fun, and beautiful moments that are on the editing floor.

@agace3042: @AvivaDrescher you have a beautiful family. Has being on this show been a positive experience for you?
Answer: Yes! Very positive! I met and worked with incredible people and had the experience of a lifetime. The gift of helping people through the platform of television was given to me on a silver platter. I am very grateful.

@agace3042: @AvivaDrescher what's the biggest thing you regret doing during the season? What have you learned about yourself?
Answer: The biggest thing I regret is the over emphasis on my phobias and prosthesis. These two issues on TV seemed to define me. In reality, both are in the background.

@BillyCharlesNY: @AvivaDrescher what first attracted you to Reid besides is obvious good looks?
Answer: His kindness, calm demeaner, and moral fiber.

@b00latcka: @AvivaDrescher What is Reid's zodiac sign? I love u as a couple with him!
Answer: Aries

@bwhitcher: @AvivaDrescher any good book suggestions on relationship advice? I want to keep this one. #badtrackrecord
Answer: I will write one! LOL!

@johnftlaud: @AvivaDrescher tell us about all the things in your life, your charities and what if any gossip about your dads old clients if u can lol
Answer: The three charities I focus on are One Step Ahead, Cancer Schmancer, and Live 4 Life. One Step ahead helps amputees, Cancer Schmancer is Fran Drescher's Charity focused on early detection for cancer in women, and Live 4 Life funds research for melanoma. My dad had some cool clients like the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Woody Allen, etc. I don't have any gossip on them! He would never tell!! LOL

@Desertgal: @AvivaDrescher Why in world wld U let Dad on TV to act so crude?
Answer: I did not know that he would behave that way! I cannot control other peoples actions or words. I don't think his actions are my responsibility. Production has the final word as to who goes on-camera and who does not. There are a lot of people who found him to be hilarious, free, and full of spirit. As I have previously said, everyone has very different opinions! Especially about George!

@sansotta8: @AvivaDrescher Anything for stress management would be great. If you know of anything?
Answer: Exercise (aerobic 30 minutes a day), hard boiled eggs in the morning, eat every three hours -- protein, magnesium, Vitamin Bs, and Omega-3s.

@Hetterwoman: @AvivaDrescher how did you meet your husband?
Answer: We met at Bed Bath and Beyond. We were both separated from our former spouses. Our respective children were one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half and were playing in the aisle. We started talking and the rest is history!

@TheBravoBitch: @AvivaDrescher What will you remember most fondly about your first season on #RHONY ?
Answer: There were a large number of people who had physical issues that I was able to give hope to. Helping new amputees navigate through the process of living with a prosthesis is what drove me. The emails, Tweets, letters and Facebook messages, which expressed that I made someone's life a bit easier made this journey worthwhile. Being able to help on a large scale gave me the ability to give back in a way I never dreamed possible.




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