The Problem with Harry

The Problem with Harry

Aviva shares how she really feels about Sonja and Harry's friendship.

I made a mistake on this week's episode when I asked at the group dinner, "Does anybody know which two people at this table got married at Le Cirque?" After realizing my mistake, I was very embarrassed as you could see from the bright red color I turned.

If I had a magic wand, I would have married Reid 12 years ago and had Harrison and Veronica as ours without having to share them. Sharing children with ex-spouses can be very challenging. It becomes even more painful when you have to pretend to get along with your ex around your children. For Reid and I, it is all about the best interest of the children. This has meant often biting my tongue when embarrassed or ashamed that I ever married Harry. And sometimes I like to make believe Harry never existed and my love life began and ends with Reid. I guess you all caught that fantasy moment.

When Harry asked me to come and see his new business, "Poopy the Pig" I first viewed it as an opportunity to help my son and reinforce a united parental front. These are difficult moments for me, because I must attempt to hide the ugliness Harry has brought to me and my family. In prior episodes, I refer to such ugliness as "crinkles."

On the note of ugliness, it appears that Sonja is also experiencing problems with her ex-husband. According to Sonja, he has also allegedly failed to stand up to his contractual responsibilities to their daughter. How would Sonja feel if someone in her circle was gallivanting around town, drinking, and partying with the dishonorable father of her child? I would never even speak to such a man. Sonja's running around New York City with Harry and showing off about it is utterly shameful. Sonja knows exactly what is going on behind-the-scenes and should work to empower women instead of supporting the men who neglect responsibilities to their children. I have started to question her moral compass.

As anyone who watches the show knows, I'm not always successful in putting on a perfectly happy face when the subject of Harry comes up -- sometimes I come off more a deer in headlights than happy. To date, I have done everything in my power to shield my family from any negativity he has caused. I suck it up, not for my own image, but for my child. I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. Usually, I'm the opposite of the martyr type. For my children, however, I'd throw myself under a bus. Compared to that, making nice with Harry is no big deal.

My ex still does push my buttons though. For instance, when Harrison and I were leaving the studio, Harry had to get in a provocative comment: "You look good in that top." (And he wasn't saying it in the way your girlfriends do.) I didn't call him a jerk or anything but I wasn't completely restrained; I hit him on the head with a magazine. That, Reid said, was the first smart thing I've done on the show. . . 

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