Freak Out

Freak Out

Aviva thinks Sonja handled her prosthetic leg reveal well.

Thank you all for watching the show! I hope you liked Episode 1. The most shocking part for me was seeing how much my baby, Sienna, has grown! She is SO big now! I could not take my eyes off my children and family. Thank goodness they used their manners. Phew. My elegant husband, Reid, looks so handsome. I could not have gotten out of bed even for one day of filming without him by my side.
Watching the pedicure scene was hilarious, however, at the time, I felt vulnerable. Showing my prosthetic limbs to the world made me feel a bit naked. Nonetheless, every day I try and push myself to do something that feels uncomfortable hoping it will result in some sort of personal growth. On a lighter note, what kind of a freak brings several prosthetic legs to a pedicure salon? Me! Sonja was very funny and I loved all her questions and warmth. Understandably she was a bit nervous. She tried very hard not to let me see her sweat. I applaud her for that. She showed empathy and compassion.

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Aviva's Third Leg
While on the subject of human kindness, when someone is a guest in your home, it is common decency to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Telling someone they "talk too much" when they are a first time guest in your home is simply awful. While Ramona may have put out her best china and delicious food, her bad behavior towards Heather unfortunately diminished her Martha Stewart efforts.

Back to family. Family is sacred. If someone is going to make an assault on a family, they better be prepared for the consequences. One parent should never judge another parent or tell them how to parent their own children (unless you are living in the same family or a child is in danger). Parenting is an intimate journey and everyone, for the most part, tries their best. At a minimum, Ramona should have apologized and vowed never to hurt LuAnn and her children again. Apologies seem to be very difficult for Mrs. Singer...
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Going After LuAnn's Kids
Why I ever used those words "mean girls" I will never know! Very immature. It must have been a long day and I seem to be grasping at words. But at least it set the stage for a hot preview!

There is so much more to come. Tune in!
Backstabbers, Blackmails, and Orgasms
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