Pot Kettle Black

Pot Kettle Black

Heather responds to Ramona's digs and discusses making memories with her family.

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode. For my part, it was clearly meaningful, and I anticipate some of you will begin to get to know me better after watching.

As you see, Ramona took a shot at me again in this episode during her lunch with Aviva. And while I agree that I have a lot to say and that it certainly appears that I talk A WHOLE LOT, I don't agree with the "interrupting" comments. My "engaging in a conversation" is a sign of enthusiasm, and when Ramona (of all people) gives me grief about it, it is truly the pot calling the kettle black. I mean, did you see her conversation with LuAnn? It seems that everyone has the same issue when communicating something to Ramona that she does not deem important.

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The Blow Out Between LuAnn and Ramona

In the first episode, I shared that my father passed. What you may not have realized is that it was days before the show began. Some people actually criticized me for sharing this, calling me "Debbie Downer" or "someone with issues." But, no matter. Watching this episode brought up a lot of emotion for me and my sister, Sherry. My dad's life affected mine. And, aside from my mother, I don't think there was anyone prouder of me.

Although my dad had a really difficult time showing it, he loved me, and I had an enormous amount of love for him and felt proud of him on many levels. Discovering my dad's box of pictures from his time in the Korean War and finding the poem that he wrote while fighting there gave me incredible insight into my complicated father and the mind of a soldier. These are all things that can truly be applied to present day. It also showed off one of the many great talents my father possessed -- he was a poet! I have posted the entire poem my dad wrote on my Facebook page, for those of you who may be interested in reading it in its entirety.

Upstate New York is a very special place for me (and yes, it is a historic area), and it's filled with both childhood memories and new memories that my young family and I are building in the Berkshires. It was an honor inviting you all into that part of my life, as we paid tribute to dad.

There are so many different ways to raise kids, and my husband Jon and I have a casual parenting style -- that we balance with quite a bit of structure and a whole-lotta love. We take joy in parenting our children and raising adults, and we believe kids are kids. The early part of our son Jax's life was lived in the hospital. Jax's challenges (lung and liver issues, plus severe food allergies) are serious issues. Despite his hardships, he is treated like a typical child.

I admit that I sometimes do over-indulge Jax in figurines of superheros and other characters (because he is a true collector of them and he loves to play with them!), but it is my way of making up for all of the hardships that Jax has to endure every day. And, to all of the mothers who have reached out to me whose children are facing challenges, I am so happy that you have connected with us. Not knowing if your newborn is going to live to see his first birthday truly changes you as a person. You learn the hard way, that there is so much in life out of your control and that only the big things in your life are worth all the worry. I also found the belief that in life everything works out as it should, even when we don't understand why.

Doing RHONY is a journey and certainly a very unique opportunity to see yourself as others see you, and I believe it will be positive experience in many ways. I want to thank you for all for your warm feedback, constructive criticisms, and all of your Tweets!

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See you next week!
xx. Heather

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