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Retail Therapy

Heather dissects the missed attempt at healing that was her shopping trip.

By Heather Thomson

Retail Therapy: Sometimes it works, sometimes it just doesn't.

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Not inviting Ramona on the trip was simple and it was honest and sincere. I don't want to spend a lot of time on it because I know how much we have discussed this over the past few weeks. Every time Ramona and I are together we wind up in on opposite sides of a debate. With the other ladies, it is just so much easier. And I can't imagine myself inviting someone I didn't have a easy relationship with on a trip across the Atlantic, nor would I ever sit down and tell them I was planning a trip to London and why I wasn't inviting them. While I appreciate honesty, there is such a thing as too much honesty.

There is a big difference between taking someone on a plane away from home for several days and inviting people over to your house for a few hours for dinner. My interludes with Ramona have been nothing less than uncomfortable, straight up painful at times, and stressful. None of these things however, would prevent me from being polite and friendly to her, or to prevent me from still trying to find a connection with Ramona.

I invited her to my favorite store Curve to shop with the owner, my friend Nevena because I wanted to illustrate that the absence of an invite to London was not a sanction against Ramona.

I thought she would like the store and maybe a little Retail Therapy would do us some good.

Ramona's Stuck in a Rut
Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as I planned. Ramona is a gorgeous woman and she wears her clothes well. But that day she was not clicking with the store, the vibe, whatever, and she came off a bit rude to my friend Nevena. We tried to clear the air about London and sat down on the sofa and laid it all out, but I guess Ramona and I are too far apart in our views on this to get past it yet. Trust me when I say, there is much more to come.

Aviva is so open about her leg and her accident. She handles herself with such grace, glamour, and always humor. She makes us feel so comfortable about the situation with her prosthetic that you often forget she even wears one so when it comes up we all kind jump in the conversation like we are a part of it. It never crossed my mind to tell Nevena about Aviva's leg when I invited her to join me for the shopping extravaganza. But by not giving Nevena the heads up, I created an uncomfortable scenario when she was trying to get Aviva to try shoes. I wanted to jump in and explain to Nevena why Aviva wasn't "doing shoes" and I upset Aviva in the process. You know me and talking!!! This time I over-shared a friend's story, but I did it from a good place, and I really care about Aviva.

Retail therapy. . .sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't!

Before we went on our shopping trip, you got to see Jax and I go for his weekly check up with Dr. Emre. Jax is a special little guy, I love him dearly. He is a fighter and I am very proud of him. Jax had been battling a cold that any normal kid could have shrugged off, but with Jax, every minor infection has to be treated seriously and many times we would wind up in the hospital. As you saw, our visit to the doctor's office has become routine over the years and thankfully Jax is doing very well and we crossed a milestone when we celebrated his seventh birthday. Even with all of his challenges and we know there are more to overcome, Jax is one of the lucky ones. With over 114,000 people in the U.S. waiting for organ transplants, we need to do more to raise awareness and get people to sign up. Like I said on the show, you don't need 'em when you're dead! Check out New York Organ Donor Network at for more information.

Thanks for watching, for reading, for tweeting, and everything! To learn more about me and my shapewear company on,, and Facebook.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!

XX Heather

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