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The Egg Drop Saloon

Heather apologizes for her poop joke, discusses dinner, and disagrees with Ramona's "insecure" comment.

By Heather Thomson

London Calling!

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The girls arrive at our penthouse suite, and I was really sorry that I couldn't be there in person to greet them properly. But I’ve been here for a few days working the international sales meetings for Yummie Tummie, which is what brought us to London in the first place so, the hotel staff was put on high alert, and I made sure the ladies had a nice spread and some fun spectator hats to welcome them.

Back in New York at Guiseppe Zanotti (where the shoes are delicious), I noticed that Ramona and I can finally we agree on something. When she commented that Aviva's leg really is like a work of art, she is 100 percent right. It truly is a piece of sculpture, and Aviva is so elegant in all of her dealings with it -- living her life doing it all! She is nothing short of 360 degrees of beautiful.

. . .Speaking of beautiful, Luann looked awesome shopping in London and rocking a pair of Yummie jeans! Although no one probably noticed them because everyone was focused on Carole's braless tatas! LOL!

I first lay eyes on Carole, Sonja, and Lu at my sales dinner, a.k.a. the Egg Drop Saloon. I guess raising the little ones has made pooping a casual conversation for me! Oy! Other than sharing that these bathrooms take the porta potty to a whole new level of futuristic luxury, I have already said enough here! Carole refers to them as "the Orgasmatrons". . .is that better? Either way there is nothing like this in New York, and these toilets certainly provided a topic of conversation!

Asking everyone to introduce themselves is a pretty standard practice at business dinners, especially when you are trying to create camaraderie amongst your team. And, I was so proud to have my ladies there with me. They were looking so gorgeous and I really wanted to show them off. It is a company tradition to say a few things about Yummie so I really didn't think much of the request. I had no idea Carole would be so shy, but Sonja and Luann brought the Rah-Rah spirit of the dinner home! I was moved by what everyone said and happy to be closing out an amazing international business trip on such a high note.

Heather's Lost Her Mind

Early the next morning, Carole was nothing short of a saint to accompany me to my live television segment. Now, what you don't know is that we all went out on the town and whooped it up late that night. When we got back to our suite, Carole and I stayed up even later and continued the laughs and conversation almost until I had to start my hair and makeup. She even agreed to accompany me to the television set to support me through the live broadcast and we'd barely slept a second. That is friendship.

Now that my Yummie work is finished, it's time to play. We decided to kick off my "free time" by going for a traditional English high tea. Sonja and Carole showing up in the spectator hats I had bought them was a riot. I love that they completely got into it and brought on the English spirit! Everyone was turning to take a good look at our table. It was just too funny, and you get to see us starting to gel as a group and have a really good time together! Afterwards, we all head to Jonathan Adler's new store opening party where we really made a splash and had a ball.

Meanwhile back in New York after overcoming a few "technical difficulties/issues," Ramona has a successful appearance at that Learning Annex and she filled the room. What bothers me is the new tone she is taking about our inability to communicate. One thing I'm NOT is insecure. If that is what she thinks then she and I are probably never going to get to a happy place. Ever since we went off the tracks, I have always chalked it up to the fact that we just don't jive. . . we misfire when trying to connect. I have admitted that I talk a lot, but my smile is sincere. It is time for Ramona to focus her energy on something besides me. Relax, girl. . .because that is what we are doing in London. . .

Jealous of Ramona or Just Insecure?

After a very late night, work early that morning, tea in the afternoon, and the store party, we decided to take advantage of the fabulous penthouse suite and have a GIRLS NIGHT IN. We ordered up tons of food, wine, and champagne, plugged in Carole's iPod and started being silly. I got some new Italian eyeglass frames, and they instigated a hilarious photo shoot. Groucho Marx, Pumpkin Head, Potato Head, and Pin Head are all there and it was tons of light-hearted fun. It is just easy with these women, and we are having a hoot together.

Wowza! I never dreamed I would inspire someone to write a song!! If LuAnn does produce "Gangsta Chic," I'm buying that single! I hope she’ll let me sing back up! Holla!

Tune in next week to see the partying in London continue. . .Thanks as always for your feedback, your tweets, and all the love and encouragement you've been sending my way! For more information on me and Yummie shapewear brand go to Facebook,, and



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