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How You Get Back Up

Aviva shares what she thinks makes a party special and laughs off her fall.

By Aviva Drescher

Hello again!

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The hair salon scene begins to capture my friendship with Carole. We spent so much time bonding and sharing life stories, similar perspectives and laughing about the silliness of it all, including RHONY. Carole always made me laugh and helped me get through the tough times of this particularly odd journey. She had experience in television and knew a lot more than me. I hope all of our special time together does not get reduced to gossiping at a hair salon.

Falling down. . . Well that is always embarrassing. Watching yourself fall down repeatedly on television and relive the experience over and over again is sheer torture. Knowing that a couple of million people will watch me fall brought me to tears laughing. What else can you do but laugh? Unfortunately, I did really hurt my ankle. What you don't know (and what I covered up) was that for the remainder of the party I was in excruciating pain. I barely heard the band or how bad it was because my "good" ankle was throbbing. Nonetheless, the show had to go on. . .

I had to wear a bootie for two weeks and for months my ankle was a problem. Regardless, every time I watch that fall, I laugh hysterically. I hope you laugh with me. And remember, "Our greatest strength lies not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall." Thanks Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This quote reminds me of Sonja's new catering company. Sonja had just started her catering business and was kind enough to give my party a whirl. In order to succeed in anything, one must try, fail, and keep on trying. It's just like falling and getting up again. Those who succeed in anything fail many times and keep on getting up again. I am so grateful that Sonja pulled out her resources to help with our party. I hope she keeps on trying until she gets it right. I believe that Sonja can do anything she chooses as long as she acknowledges her weaknesses.

An Awkward Performance

As far as parties go, I am not concerned with pomp and circumstance. Often parties become stages for judgement and lose any flavor of meaning. Is a party about the food, entertainment, and decor? Or is a party about making people feel welcome and happy? My favorite part of any party are the speeches, the picture slideshows, or anything with depth. Therein lies the substance and character of a party. Of course to achieve beauty, taste, fun, and character all in one is optimal, however, as long as guests feel comfortable and have a good time, I am happy. At our anniversary party, despite my tumble and the sketchy music, Reid and I had a great time with our friends and family. (Our children attended for the first 30 minutes.) We had never thrown a party for ourselves and this was so special for us. We are grateful for Sonja's efforts and all involved. A special thanks to Alina Eisenhauer who made the cake, which was a true work of art.

The party was to celebrate our marriage of five years. Reid and I met at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in 2004 while our respective children from former marriages played in the aisle (they were one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half at the time). We dated and the rest is history. We now have four children and we are a modern blended family. Due to our prior failed marriages, our children we love deeply, and our love for each other -- Reid and I pinch ourselves everyday. We never take any of it for granted and we believe that a strong family begins with a solid marriage. Reid is my best friend and the rock for our whole family. I believe that moral fiber is the most important characteristic when looking for a long term partner. Looks fade, health can waver, money comes and goes. Life is short and very fragile. Love, laughter, loyalty, honesty, and devotion will get you through the difficult times and make the great times all the more sweet.

Here is the inside scoop on Reid's wedding band. The ring I ended up giving him was the ring we actually got married in. I love Reid's hands, and I never liked the way the ring looked on his very masculine hands. . .After all the ring conversations, I figured there was no downside to Reid wearing one especially now that he will be recognized wherever he goes! I have grown to like the look and symbol of the band. Is it necessary? No. Does it change the dynamic of our marriage? Absolutely not. Is Reid happy to wear it? YES!!!

Thank you all for watching and reading. Your feedback is wonderful. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter (@avivadrescher). Check out my website:

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