No Looking Back

No Looking Back

LuAnn ponders having another child and Ramona's jealous over a frienship with Sonja.

Hello my friends! Thanks again for joining me here and for watching our show. In this episode, I spend some quality time with Noel learning to skateboard (which thankfully, I emerged from unscathed). He continues to grow his company, FancyFool (check out his new web site at Thank you for your positive comments about Victoria's artwork. She's thrilled! I'm so proud of my creative, entrepreneurial kids.

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Get the Paramedics Ready!

Jacques and I are very happy and we are still open to the idea of having a child together. While Victoria was initially surprised when I told her, she is open to the possibility of becoming a big sister again and trusts that I wouldn't make such a big decision without being absolutely sure that this is what we want as a family. Who knows what the future will bring?

Fertile Myrtle Has Wandered into the Pasture

Before I dated Aviva's ex-husband Harry, I knew that he was a charmer with the ladies so it doesn't bother me that Sonja dated him too. My experience with Harry was fun, but brief, and I remain friends with him to this day. Once I met Jacques, I knew that he was the guy for me, and I haven't looked back.

One Degree of Aviva's Ex

I understand Sonja's thinking about the symbolic importance of wedding rings, but many men do not wear them, and I think it's a personal decision between a man and his wife whether he needs to wear a band or not. The depth of a man's commitment isn't measured by how much gold he wears on his finger, but by how he treats his wife. To me, it's a little insecure to require a wedding band.

I understand Carole's reluctance to commit because she experienced a very profound loss when her husband died and she could be hesitant to lose someone she loves again. This is a natural defense mechanism. But I think that if Carole were to meet the right person, her views on commitment might change.

I saw Ramona for the first time since our truce at Carole's friend's jewelry show, and I think it went well. I kept the conversation light, and so did she, so it was fine. I stayed and enjoyed the party 'till the end.

Ramona's known Sonja for ages and she considers her a close friend, and I adore Sonja as well, so maybe Ramona feels threatened by our friendship? Sonja's a big girl and she can choose her friends for herself but Ramona feels proprietary over their friendship for some reason.

I'm so excited to go to London with the girls, and I think that it's Heather's trip and she can invite whom she likes. Ultimately, it's up to Heather and Ramona to work out their differences (or not).

Until next week, bisous!

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