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Pumpkin Head

LuAnn discusses Carole's nickname and table manners, and sets the record straight on "Gangsta Chic."

By Luann de Lesseps

London is an amazing city and one of my favorite place to visit. It was such a treat to stay in the hotel's penthouse with the girls. I felt that we all grew a little closer during our trip, and it was a pleasure to be with a group of ladies who like to have a drama-free good time!

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Pumpkin Head? I've been called many things but Pumpkin Head is a new one for me. Carole said that only her most gorgeous friends get called this. so I guess I’m flattered?!?

Ramona's reaction while shoe shopping to Aviva's prosthetic leg was immature and way over the top. I admire how Aviva handled Ramona's questions and how patient she was with Ramona. When Ramona said that Heather is jealous of her, I had to laugh. Heather is one of the most successful and secure women I've ever met.

Like Talking to a Six Year Old

The egg stalls in the bathroom were really interesting but I didn't get Heather's joke until she explained it to me. I guess it's because my kids are older that poop jokes go right over my head!

Heather's team dinner was a reflection of Heather's taste and style, which is elegant and edgy. I was happy to stand up and compliment Heather and her team, but apparently Carole felt that it was too much to ask that she stand when speaking. To me, when you are invited to a party, it's important to participate in whatever the host has planned and in this case, the introductions were important to Heather and I was happy to oblige.

Heather's Lost Her Mind

I was surprised to hear that Carole thought I was trying to one-up her on this trip when really I was just trying to find similarities and topics that are interesting to both of us. Isn't that the way conversation works, one person says something and the other person shares their thoughts as well?

I was thrilled to hear that my .7 ratio of waist to hips makes my body perfect for fertility. I've been blessed with a good figure, but it takes exercise and eating right for my waist to stay as trim as it is. Genetics are a huge factor too. I'm hoping since my mother had seven children that I take after her fertility wise.

Even though I love cutting dance singles, I want everyone to know that I was kidding about making a song about Heather's gangster chic! I love having friends who are different than me, it's what makes friendships so interesting.

Until next week, cheers!

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