Front Row Seat

Front Row Seat

Ramona hopes you're ready for a serious roller coaster ride this season.

Well, everyone, where do I begin? To say this will be a rollercoaster season with ups and downs is an understatement! And I am sitting right in front! We have three new Housewives and the dynamics have changed. Each of the three new ladies -- Aviva, Carole, and Heather -- have special and unique qualities, and it was interesting to say the least to get to know each of them.

I personally thought Heather and I would hit it off best. To say it was awkward with us is another understatement! Yes, I know I talk a lot too, but contrary to what you may think, I do listen and let the other person speak. That's the only way you will get to know someone. What I was trying to convey in a positive way is that for us to become friends, Heather would need to give me a chance to speak too. I would rather tell this to her face than behind her back. When she came to my home I told her this directly, and interestingly enough, Mario thought the same thing. Mario is my rock, and he always takes the middle road unlike me! Ha! So, if he had the same experience, I know I am onto something.

When Chatterboxes Meet

Also, The Learning Annex is a great place and being on the cover was a great compliment. Donald Trump, Russell Simmons, former mayor Rudy Giuliani, to name just a few, were also on the cover. I would say I am in great company.OMG -- what's up with LuAnn? I thought we were so over this last year. Yes, children are off limits. Why LuAnn would fabricate that I threatened her is beyond me. As far as an apology, I gave one last year, after we filmed the reunion and in the press. How many times more do I need to? LuAnn is LuAnn and she tends to forget how passive aggressive she has been with me in the past. More importantly, why would LuAnn share this at lunch with women we all just recently met?
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Going After LuAnn's Kids

As far as Sonja, I tend to mother people when I am close to them, as I was the oldest of four children. Sonja has been having a rough time getting past the fact she is no longer married. I know she is ready for a quality relationship with a man. It can be hard to let go, and I was speaking like a mom to her daughter when I corrected her at the table. I am not her mom, so it probably was not my place. I do love Sonja like a sister and mother -- if that's possible.

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