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Like the Movies

Ramona doesn't understand what else LuAnn wants from her.

If LuAnn wanted to clear the air with me she should have invited me to meet up privately. Confronting me at Sonja's party was not the right thing to do, and was inappropriate and disruptive to Sonja and her guests.

When we finally did meet up, I was not prepared for what was about to happen. I have apologized privately to LuAnn about last year's reunion, and when that did not seem to be enough, I apologized publicly. LuAnn is very passive-aggressive, which can be equally offensive, and hurtful. I felt pushed against a wall at the reunion. Regardless, I should never have brought up her daughter. People make mistakes, and it's important to acknowledge and learn from them. Children are off-limits. I apologized immediately and repeatedly. I'm not quite sure what else LuAnn is looking for?

When the word "blackmail" came out of her mouth, I was shocked. It sounded like a line right out of a movie. And just like movies, this story was completely fabricated! It is difficult for me to know what else to say about it because there is no truth to it. Not only does blackmail sound ridiculous, but what rewards could I possibly gain from it?

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The Blow Out Between LuAnn and Ramona

I'm not sure why LuAnn has fabricated this story and continued this saga. That is for you to decide. Don't you think she needs somethIng more relevant to dwell on? It looks as if Heather has a nice circle of friends, , and it’s always nice to get out of the city on weekends and chill out. Mario, Avery, and I do it as often as possible. I can see how much her home means to her, and I admire and respect her for that. I thought what she did in memory of her dad was very touching and meaningful. I lost my father two years ago, and had a tumultuous relationship with him. Even so, I still mourn his loss and that of a father.

Carole has a wonderful free spirit. I find her depth of character very interesting. She is very artistic and accomplished. She is very diverse. . .her book writing, producing, and being behind-the-scenes reporting in Afghanistan. She really intrigues me.

Her relationship is interesting and different. I'm not sure I could handle an open a relationship. It takes a very secure person to be able to accept this or perhaps someone who is afraid of a commitment. This type of relationship means making yourself vulnerable and open to getting hurt.

Carole's Cool But Casual Aerosmith Relationship

I enjoyed having lunch with Aviva, even though parts of the conversation surprised me. . .if you know what I mean. I'm glad we made a pact to go to each other directly if we ever have a problem. I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Last but not least, it's a good thing Sonja is single as renovations can ruin a marriage. I'm sure she will have the contractor wrapped around her fingers and perhaps more?

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