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Where's Your Head At

Ramona laments the Heather situation and defends her fashion choices.

By Ramona Singer

I thought it was very group friendly of Aviva to have a talk with Heather. After all, we are socializing all the time together. I for one cannot begin to figure her out. I find that Heather contradicts herself constantly. First she's saying she has a problem with me because I was rude to her. Then she says she has a problem with me because we don't "jive." Sitting down and speaking to her at the store went basically nowhere.

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When I finally decided to confront Heather to find out what her real issues with me were, I brought up what people told me. I said point blank, "Heather, Aviva told me you were upset about the fact that I said that you talk too much, and you don't give other people a chance to talk." (Because it's not that she talks so much, it's that she doesn't stop! She doesn't leave space in there for anyone.)

I was about to pee in my pants when she said, "OK let's have Aviva come over here." Are you kidding me? Who does that? Aviva confirmed that she did say it, but Heather wanted to beat up on her for that. Heather goes on and on that it's not the reason, but it is the reason that she tells everyone. There are other reasons also, but I don't want to give any more written time to this, as I don't know where Heather's head is at -- nor at this point do I even care. I'm just going to be myself and she can either accept me or not accept me. I can't worry about this anymore.

I thought the store Curve had great clothes. The outfits that the owner selected that Aviva and Carole were wearing when I walked in were beyond fabulous. Do you think perhaps Heather might have told the owner she doesn't care for me so much, because I wasn't getting the great outfits they were trying on. . .

I feel like I have a great fashion sense and am very comfortable with my look. It always changes. Thank you for all your comments saying how much you love my clothes each week.

I find it very interesting that Heather is critiquing my fashion look when she wore those very strange plaid pants tucked into boots that must have come from 30 years ago -- but to each their own.

Ramona's Stuck in a Rut

To be in the company of other recipients of the Stevie Award such as Andrea Jung, head of Avon, and Janet Robinson, CEO of The New York Times, was beyond incredible. The Stevie awards is an organization that recognizes successful women around the world for their business accomplishments. I can't begin to tell you how it felt to be surrounded by so many self-made women and presidents of major corporations.

It's amazing how Carole is a princess. They always tell you that people who have the most money or the most impressive titles are the most unassuming. What Carole told me over lunch proved that to be true.

Princess Carole

Carole and I have developed a really fabulous friendship, and I respect her tremendously. I think it's great when women can share their success with each other and not be threatened. I was very happy when I heard the news of her pilot, and of course I had just gotten some very exciting news too that I wanted to share -- that my Ramona Pinot Grigio was going into Target stores. For the other women to infer that I said that to top her is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of in my life. I have to question the type of women they are. And when else am I supposed to share good news? They were all leaving for London without me. LOL!

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