Small Steps

Small Steps

Aviva explains why she loves Carole, why she could care less who Harry was with, and what she thought of her first one-on-one with Ramona.

Let me answer a few specific questions first. I was overwhelmed by how many of you blogged or Tweeted needing information about prosthetics. I never would have imagined the need for information and I am humbled to be a voice for the amputee community.

So, for a realistic looking great fitting prosthetic limb, email Amy Winters at A Step Ahead Prosthetics ( or 516-681-3484. My prosthetist is in Hicksville, NY. They are amazing at making comfortable, functional, and realistic looking limbs (arms, legs, whatever ---at this point I wouldn't mind a prosthetic head).

To those who admired the grey jacket I wore in the boat house scene (I know!), it is by Dolce and Gabbana, Fall 2011. My brown Lace dress I wore at Sonja's party was made by Kim Hicks. I ordinarily would leave these kinds of things out, but you asked, so I am telling! Oh and the sweetener I use is Stevia. So we have covered fake limbs, coats, dresses and sweeteners. Now on to more important matters. Gossip and drama!!!

Having dinner with Heather and Jonathan was great for a lot of reasons but mostly because I love being with Reid. He is my best friend and soulmate. He is the rock of our family. We all fight over him and race each other when he comes through the door after work with hugs and kisses. Reid is the most incredible father who dedicates his time to work and his family. I am very lucky and appreciative.

It was nice for us to get to know the Schindlers. Reid and I tend to gravitate towards other couples who have strong marriages and who are good to one another. And the Schindlers seem to be that kind of couple. I brought up my ex-husband (Harry) being in real estate as a point of common interest between us. It might sound salacious on TV that my ex-husband had relationships with some of the women, but frankly when I am sitting next to Reid and I am happy as I can be, I could care less. It is worlds away from where I am now. As long as Harry's and my son, Harrison, is happy, I am happy. Harry has a lovely girlfriend right now named Georgia. She is good to my son in every way. I am thrilled.

Aviva's Ex Gets Around

As you could probably tell, Carole and I had a blast shopping together. One of the best parts of this show was becoming friends with Carole. Carole is intelligent, funny, and experienced. Nothing shocks Carole, which makes her easy to talk to. Most of all, she is not judgy. Carole has a calm about her and an appreciation for humor. Carole is a real girl's girl and vintage shopping was filled with fun and laughter!

Carole made me feel so pretty when I tried on that leopard jumpsuit. I knew after filming that day that we would be close friends. Not to mention this very weird alternate universe of reality television that we both got ourselves into: talk about an odd set of circumstances to bond women! But clothing shopping, in addition to being a great treat, can be very telling. Is the woman you are shopping with focused only on herself or also on you? Think about that next time you are crammed in a dressing room half-naked with one of your girlfriends. It can all be very uncomfortable if not with the right person. But I found Carole to be incredibly supportive and would shop with her anywhere. I think Carole could have rocked that leopard jumpsuit so much better than me!

Carole's Cool But Casual Aerosmith Relationship

My first one-on-one with Ramona was lunch at Fishtail and in retrospect I was a bit overwhelmed by Ramona's theatrics and the darts she threw from the get-go. . .Clearly, Ramona takes some getting used to (Maybe my Stevia sweetener would work on Ramona!).

It felt really odd to be thrown into an argument at what I (naively?) thought would be a nice getting-to-know-you lunch. I was definitely not at ease. Chalk it up to inexperience, or whatever, but this was not my favorite moment. I may have been too cautious (or not cautious enough) in dishing it out. But have no fear, my fellow blogosphere friends: it doesn't take me long. As you will see, I get more comfortable expressing my positions to Ramona in the weeks to follow. I stand up for myself just fine, thank you very much.

One must start off one step at a time. Given my circumstances, I am taking very small steps. . .

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