Building a Brand

Building a Brand

Sonja vents about Heather's logo meeting and wonders who has sex anymore.

Well, this is interesting! Firstly, that Aviva will even admit her dad is a sex addict (maybe she is using the wrong word?), and secondly that she is comfortable introducing a brand new girlfriend to her father! This is a loaded situation that raises many questions of authenticity.

The Power of Viagra

I'm not new around town and best friends with her ex-Harry, so I guess she knows I'm OK. However, a classic sex addict like the one portrayed by David Duchovny has a problem with fidelity. Being an artistic, sensual person who enjoys a life of good food, wine, love, exercise, sex and culture, all the sights, smells, and touch that goes with this doesn't mean I don't want commitment and respect from family and friends.

As I wrote earlier in my blog I am very flirtatious with those I have no interest in dating. I am very quiet with those I am actually interested in. Isn't everyone? I guess I can be misread because I am so vivacious at times. Jean Harlow I am not! I rather fancy myself as Hello Dolly but I guess I get carried away!

I was impressed with Heather's logo. I thought it was clever, and I could tell from the get-go she would have lots of business advice to share with me. She understood from the beginning that my company Sonja Home grew from the fact I cook in the toaster oven, and that Sonja in the City is my catering and special events company. They are separate. In fact, I have a different team for each.

However, the icon I chose to represent me is Sonja and Sonja is the brand. So we just needed to separate the "a" and I felt enhance the "j," because people don't realize Sonja is spelled with a "j." Having lived with the name no one knows that better than me. You want to be found easily when Googled. I have set up a few companies in my life, and it's beyond establishing an LLC or a Corp and a business checking account. It's marketing your business in a way that makes sense to the consumer that is easily recognizable.

I was OK with the fact Heather stuck with my original icon. Like Ralph has his horse, I have my girl in the city on-the-go swinging her bag with wind in her hair. I think it can work for both brands but I just wanted to see if Heather would suggest something cleaner such as her -- something that would stand the test of time.

Instead, after a long period of waiting, since we first had to go to London, she showed up with fonts that frankly looked like you could have printed off your computer! I was really nervous and then disappointed that I had put my eggs in one basket.

Then, when her branding man said he didn't research who I was, and the fact that I am a lifestyle brand, I almost died. I say lifestyle brand meaning, I will be sharing an innovative way of living -- time and money saving ways to cook, entertain, stay healthy and young feeling, and take care of your loved ones while still enjoying yourself.

The real clincher was when Heather's branding guy said he wanted to put a sexy hunk on the box with me! What does this have to do with cooking and selling toasters? I guess I have to trust the experts and see where they take me. In the meantime, don't think I'm not going to vent and panic a bit with friends and associates!

I don't like looking so ungrateful. But this is the way life is. Stressing!

Wine night I had a school event. I was sick for Ramona's girl's lunch, but I at least made dinner with LuLu that night, but still I feel I'm missing some cool stuff!

I didn't find the wine thing such a big set up? Did you? Of course Ramona would guess the notes. But what was the set up? Am I missing something? Is Aviva stirring the pot?

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Ramona Knows Her Wines

Reid's mother is hilarious. She just rolled with George's outrageous comments! Aviva was right. Her father IS embarrassing. Reid's mother dealt with it very well. She could have been very insulted. He basically said she was too old to have sex with. PAHtueeey!!! With the bio-identical hormones and doctor's today (like my own Dr. Braverman who you saw on the show) this is not true. She looks vibrant and surely has a healthy sex life. More power to her. Like I said before, are we supposed to put it on a shelf and dry up?

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Aviva's Outrageous and Raunchy Dad

Our New York accents have never been more evident to me than in this episode -- especially watching from St Tropez where everyone is speaking so many different languages. Not sure I'm loving it.

A lot of pics of Aviva and her family for a family apt. No?

Brows without an appointment? I don't wax. I pluck -- more precise. I don't want to lose them. They get thinner and thinner as we age. You cannot grow them back! Be careful.

Lu, every time? Every time you must walk in first? What if I made the restaurant reservation and just want to say hi to the owner first? Or maybe just once I would like to meet the shop owner first? Or be photographed first ? In Morocco it happened I didn't care so much, but now with Carole being new to the group, I felt I needed to say something because she was feeling the pain too!

Ramona and Mario are the opposite of Reid and Aviva. Completely. Hmmm. Wonder who has the better sex life? Maybe no one has sex anymore. My friend told me no one has sex after two years of marriage. LOL.

See you next week!

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