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Fun and Flirting

Sonja refuses to get caught up in drama when throwing a party.

By Sonja Morgan

The long awaited Season 5 is finally here, and it will once again be our best season ever! We had the best ratings ever last season, even without our beloved Bethenny (I can't wait to see her new talk show!), and we will have our best ratings this season as well! It wasn't easy at first incorporating FOUR new stars. But Heather, Carole, and Aviva are troopers.

This season is full of glamour, iconic NY locales, international jet setting, parties, fun, and
of course...drama! That's just part of being six women in a fishbowl filming for many hours. That's why it’s called reality TV.

Let me just say you get to know the new girls right there along with me. Even though I had met Heather in business briefly before she joined the cast, I didn't really get to know her the way I do on the show. Same goes for Carole and Aviva. You can't judge a book by its cover. I meet people to like them, but some are onions to peel and others just blow up like a bomb!

Enter Harry! He is one of the best friends anyone could ever have, and we have been friends for decades. He has more friends that anyone I know around the world. He is fun, loyal, and a dedicated father. Witness him at my Masquerade Ball. He is the cat's meow. Being an aquarius he is inventive and very smart. His son with Aviva, Harrison, is a chip off the old block and will go far. He is quite the charmer.I have met Aviva a couple times before, but I never really got to know her. Despite what she might think, I never ran the other way when I saw her at a party! In fact, I must not have seen her or I would have ran up and said hi as is typical Sonja style and the Countess confirms this. Aviva did tell me that once I complimented her at school, so I don't know where that came from? I guess a misunderstanding.

Of course in true Sonja fashion, I decided to throw a party to officially introduce LuAnn and Ramona to the new girls and to get everyone acquainted. I have always loved entertaining and I think you have seen that in previous seasons. When I'm entertaining, I don't like to get caught up in the drama (i.e. Ramona and LuAnn this time), I just like to let my hair down and have fun and flirt with boys! FYI when I flirt with boys, it’s always the ones I'm not interested in. I do that to make them comfortable. If I'm really interested I get very quiet around them. My reputation does precede me, so I tread lightly!

Crossing the Line with LuAnn
Ramona was so nice to allow me in her home off season when I didn't have my rental, and I love to reciprocate by cooking my toaster oven appetizers. Ramona likes to reciprocate with a blind date and tequila shots. Both were certainly blinding. He was cute, but not quite my type. I go for the nerdy ones or the metrosexuals. He was a little too macho for me. More on that later.

Well, I'm staying at Ramona's, so I invite her to join me for drinks with Heather. Do you think that was a mistake in hindsight?

When Ramona scolds me for calling my ex my husband, she’s not trying to be mean. She's just caring as a friend. She thinks it puts out a bad message to future suitors. And...she's right! Her timing is just not right! I realize a hostess should not make a guest feel uncomfortable when in their home. But that is how Ramona operates, love it or hate it, take it or leave it! Ramona will be there in the worst of times for you.

Aviva offered to take me out for a pedicure. I never say no to a gift like that! I was happy she trusted me enough to share her story, yet kept it light enough to joke about it so we could discuss it freely. I'm happy we also discussed cross-marketing our children's charities, since I work with the Rusk Pediatric Center for Rehabilitation and that would be a perfect tie in for Aviva and prosthetic work with children.
Aviva's Third Leg
You will see a lot of Ramona and I having fun. Our usual Frick and Frack that turns to fracas! We are the brunt of criticism as usual. I throw some fun parties, as usual. At least I had fun!

Trust me you're in for a bumpy but interesting ride! You get to see us women grow together and it doesn't get dark like last year. Thank goodness!
Backstabbers, Blackmails, and Orgasms

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