The Human Pinata

The Human Pinata

Aviva shares what she wishes she had done differently when she met with Sonja.

Greetings from the human piñata! But without candy falling out of my leg.

It's me, Aviva! Wait, did you not recognize me with all the needles stuck in me? Well judging by some of of the comments, it appears a few of you have torn the leg off a Barbie and made a little Aviva Voodoofest in your basements! Sheeeeeesh.

Although it appears that all I do is talk about St. Barths -- please remember it is my duty to beat a dead horse and apparently I am a Kung Fu master. . .SO HERE IS MY PROMISE: (Except for the reunion where duty calls again) HURRICANE AVIVA SWEPT THROUGH ST. BARTHS AND HAS LEFT THE CARRIBEAN AND IS DYING DOWN OVER THE OCEAN NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN.

Dirt!!! Yes its true I left someone at the altar. I was engaged before Harry! (Remember him?) I had a wedding planned in Jamaica, West Indies, with 250 guests who had airplane tickets and hotel rooms booked. At last minute, I decided it wasn't the right move and jumped ship! My ex-fiancee and I are still friends and both agree not getting married was the best gift we could have given each other. Have fun with this story!! Do you think I had "balls" as Heather said? Or did I wimp out???

The scene with Sonja is very painful to watch because what I should have said at that moment was that I cared for her. I missed the opportunity to say that and that I was genuinely sorry that I hurt her.

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