Episode 18: All's Well That Doesn't End Well

Episode 18: All's Well That Doesn't End Well

Season 5 |
Aired: October 1, 2012

A night of charity turns into a night of chaos as Ramona throws an event for domestic violence victims and while Aviva is a no-show, her father, George, goes in her absence and tries to demand an apology from Ramona. Sonja and Heather try to put the finishing touches on Sonja's toaster oven box and the winning look takes the team by surprise. Aviva meets with Heather for her fitting and is hesitant with the look that is chosen. Ramona and Sonja are at it again and this time they make a scene at Heather's charity event. Finally, it is a night of confrontation at Carole's book party as Heather confronts Ramona for ruining her charity event and Ramona and Aviva's disagreement comes to a boiling point.

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