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Aviva Defends Her Asthma

Aviva is aghast by the way people who are sick are treated in Housewifeland and wonders what makes Carole so unhappy.

By Aviva Drescher

In the real world when a group of women are invited on a trip and one is not feeling well, the usual and appropriate response is, "Sorry you can't come. Hope you feel better!" Generally among real-life friends there is some care and concern for the feelings and health of others. When the group returns and reunites with the one who wasn't feeling well, a typical response is "How are you feeling?" from those who went away. Or "Hope the trip was great!" from the one who didn't go.

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But this is Housewifeland. In Housewifeland when one falls ill, your friends say, "You are a liar, and I hope you die, and you can't have asthma. You have some pathological sick disease that is emotionally based!" In Housewifeland it's impossible that a change in altitude could exacerbate an already severe condition. In Housewifeland everyone is a doctor except for the New York State board certified pulmonologist who urged the asthmatic sufferer not to go on the trip based on very sophisticated Pulmonary Function Tests, exams etc.

Poor Carole. She googled and came up with some serious disease I must have instead of asthma. What makes Carole so angry and vindictive? What is she missing in her life to cause her to put so much venom in her writing? How does she even come up with this sh--? Alternate diseases that one only hears about on Lifetime TV? The big shot journalist with a 20-year career Googles for information? Carole has a wild imagination. Did she call or "google" the Kennedy family when she needed stories for her own memoir? Would she call this "research" a new definition of "journalism." It seems like "journalism" as defined by Carole today is as simple as googling....

I really never know what Carole is talking about because all she seems to utter throughout this season is "weird weird weird. . ." Sounds like the words of someone whose brain has been dulled. . .Carole is a "writer" and I wish she would just use her words. The writers that I admire the most have vocabularies where they can be more descriptive and not just resort to name-calling.

Back to asthma: I know this is not as much fun as me lying to get out of Montana, but I had a medical condition and couldn't go.

Having watched the trip, I am really thankful I didn't go. Looked like a complete bore. And anyway, with friends like Heather, Carole, and Kristen, who are preoccupied with disliking me, why are they so bent out of shape that I didn't go? I can't imagine I would have felt even the slightest bit welcome. Their accusations speak volumes about their own character and how they function as a clique.

On a lighter note Mario and Heather can sing!!! I am seeing record deals on the horizon. . .


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