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Heather Tries to Outsmart "Old Fox" Ramona

Heather explains why it was important to confront Ramona, what she thought of that apology, and reflects on the choices we make.

What a great way to kick off the day on the right foot (or left!) when doing yoga with my girlfriends and childhood friend -- and yogi! -- Patrick McBride. How cute is he?!?

The girls and I may have been off to a slow start, given the fact that we whooped it up and stayed up late howling at the moon (we actually were singing) the night before! But looking out on the beautiful Berkshires taking in the refreshing air and drinking up the rolling hillside views (and lots of coffee) made everyone feel better.


Nature has always inspired me and exercising in the great outdoors is one of my very favorite things to do. As soon as Ramona left, things became quite tranquil and everyone was finally able to unwind. I am so glad the girls were able to experience my Berkshire garage since it is such a major part of my DNA. My friend, Remembrance Staber, is the team trainer for Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness and she has taught me how to enjoy and embrace Mother Nature for my workouts!

Back in the city, Kristen and Cash were at the sailboat pond in Central Park and I knew she needed to talk (and I will grab any chance to see that delicious Cash), so I took a lovely stroll after lunch and met up with them for a visit (rockin’ my favorite Yummie bottoms). Kristen was trying to process what happened between her and Ramona. Her lip was starting to heal, but the emotional scars could not until Kristen better understood why Ramona attacked her. As a group, we were ready to finally confront Ramona at the "Intervention," but I also completely understood why Kristen decided she needed her own one-on-one with Ramona. Kristen deserved answers.

Planning the "Intervention" for Ramona had to be a well thought exercise! It's never easy to outsmart an old fox, so we had our work cut out for us! I chose Cherry because it is one of my favorite spots (located near the Meatpacking District) and it happens to be owned by my dear friend Jonathan Morr. The room is grand and sexy, the food is beyond delicious, and the big banquettes made the perfect trap! And, I let Jonathan know this it was not an ordinary dinner so if things got a little heated we had the restaurant staff filled in too! I hoped it wouldn't get too loud, but I knew that it would.

The plan was in place, Carole was the bait, Lu was the linebacker, and we were ready for action! And Ramona went along with our plan almost flawlessly! Fight/flight is Ramona's modus operandi so in traditional Singer-style, she tried to flight before realizing there was no way out -- which is when she showed her vulnerability. I believe Ramona did not intend to hurt Kristen and was embarrassed by her behavior. I know the dinner was hard on Ramona, but it was also very difficult for Sonja who felt most betrayed by Ramona.


Life is about recognizing our short comings and making improvements. And I liked to see the shift in Ramona. Let's just say, she is a work in progress.

LuAnn and Carole are two of my dearest friends. I love them both and it makes me so happy to see them getting a long better. It brings me joy to see them understand the fantastic qualities I see in them in each other, and I so enjoy seeing their relationship grow. What a change a year can make! Watching the double date unfold was so much fun. Cool Carole wasn't so cool and collected! Seeing her so nervous and chatty is not typical. My girlfriends always say dating sucks but LuAnn and Carole's double date looked like a great time and LuAnn poking fun at her was sweet.

Finally, Kristen and Ramona have their chance to break bread. Ramona had flowers in hand, and she finally gave Kristen the proper apology she deserved. And while appreciative, Kristen still needed answers as to why Ramona attacked -- so she continued to press her, which put Ramona on the defensive. . .and we all know how she when she is on the defensive! Ramona was ready to eat crow but on her terms, and not the entire bird. It would have been very easy for Kristen to have just taken the apology and the beautiful flowers and Ramona's sincerity and forgiven her, but she's not quite ready to forget. And why should she?

This episode is a lot about choices. The choices we have and the choices we make. It's about the action and the reaction and the repercussions or celebrations of our choices and I'm glad we get to share them with you. If nothing else, learn from the missteps, the mistakes, and the progress we make as women navigating our relationships with each other and those around us.


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