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#NotMyFight: Kristen on Aviva and Carole

Kristen talks about her first float experience, Sonja's rogue tooth, and what she thinks Aviva is holding in.

To be continued. . .

Here we go. Right where we left off. Lu's BBQ. I remember a lot from that night -- most of it I wanted to forget. . .

The one main thing I remember thinking was how great it was for Aviva and Carole to be sitting down face to face on their own. They could hash this whole #BookGate thing out and be done with it once and for all! OHHH NO. . .Amanda was right up in there every time? What the hell was the deal with her, always butting in? Maybe she needed another glass of wine? Harry. Unbelievable.

Heather is an amazing friend. . .Oh, but get on the wrong side of her and the gangsta comes out. Mess with her or one of her friends and look out momma!!!


How funny was Lu, trying to be a good hostess -- Come and have some pie! Anyone want some tart? #notmyfight

Sonja's Brunch: Only Sonja Morgan could lose a tooth and polident it back with out flinching on TV. You go girl. I had to turn away as she was doing it because it made me sick, but hey, at least she didn't lose lose the tooth. That would have been an issue.


Again with the interns, right there helping out with the tooth issue. Maybe one of them also interned for a dentist?

Brunch was still very awkward for me with all the fighting going on. Lu and I had a great chat and got to know each other a bit more, so I was happy that I went. Aviva and I had little interaction.

Mermaid shopping: Abracadabra is one of my favorite stores in the city. It's fun all year round. You can get anything imaginable there for a costume. In the basement you can rent costumes. I have been going there for 14 years. FUN. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up. So when Carole asked me to attend the Mermaid parade I was ecstatic!

Mermaid Parade: Carole looked stunning. How fun to be Queen of such an amazing event! It was extra special being in Coney Island this past year because of Hurricane Sandy. There was a lot more than usual to celebrate. The parade almost didn't happen because of all the issues.

There was some float confusion, but I think we made the better float choice. Sonja was late -- of course. She beats to her own drum that one. When she got on the float I asked her what we were supposed to do. She said, "Oh is this your first float?" Yep, first time. . . too funny. Carole was right, it was a great drama-free day with girl friends on the beach. Mermaid sisterhood!


Watching Aviva revisit the accident site -- Wow, what a big deal right? Very emotional. In my opinion, Aviva has been through quite a bit in her life. I think she holds a lot in. So it was nice to see her let her guard down, feel some emotion, and shed some tears.

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