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Ramona: Aviva's Timing Is Coincidental

Ramona doesn't think Kristen needed to call Aviva names about her asthma and wishes they had gone to Aspen instead.

I was really hoping we would go to Aspen. It has all that Montana offers -- but more. There is an actual town and lots of people and social things to do. I felt in Montana we were totally going to be alone in the middle of nowhere -- which we were!!!

I was not excited to pack, but realized I would have to make the most of this trip. At least I have Sonja with me. It does not matter what we do or where we go, I always have fun with her.

It was very coincidental timing for Aviva to come up with asthma. I have my reservations on that one. Aviva did get hostile with Kristen when she was questioning the authenticity of Aviva's asthma. There was no reason to call her names. I wanted to totally stay out of their argument and was quite shocked by what went down between them. Aviva's handbag was filled with crazy.


Once inside, the lodges were stunning, and I was very impressed with them. I was happy that Carole was with Sonja and I. I thought we made a good group, and thank goodness LuAnn was not rooming with us.

We were all excited to go cattle roping and be on horses. I must say mine was temperamental, and it was very kind of LuAnn to switch with me. The restaurant in the tack room was stunning and delicious, but why we had to go by and smell horse manure first is beyond me. Smelling that stink ruins your appetite for sure.

LuAnn was getting all bent out if shape over the facialist story. I really don't understand why she was making an issue from it. But everyone reacts to things differently so it is her prerogative. It was our first night, and I can't believe how she was going on and on about it over dinner.

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