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Ramona: Sonja and I Are Friends for Life

Ramona wishes Heather wouldn't name-call, but focuses on the amazing friendship she'll always have with Sonja.

It seemed childish when Kristen was speaking to Heather and LuAnn about me that Heather threw out all these negative nicknames for me. I would think they could discuss me without name calling. . .I really expected more from Heather, but perhaps she expected more from me in the Berkshires and felt justified.

I thought it was amusing that Carole advertised her position on Twitter. I have never known anyone to do that. I must say I really enjoy Carole's sense of humor. While she was interviewing her candidates, I was holing back my laughter big time.


I can't believe that many of them did not even bring a resume or read Carole's book. I would never be able to interview the way Carole did for an assistant . I really don't care what their favorite flower is! To me, it's more important they can multitask and prioritize. To each their own -- that is what makes the world go round! But please tell me what was the importance of Carole asking them about wire hanger?!? LOL!!!!!!!!

Millou was like losing a child to Sonja. He was very important for so many years in Sonja's life. When so many things change its nice to have a constant and that was Millou for Sonja. That is why the passing of Millou hit sonja so hard.

I thought Sonja did a beautiful and thoughtful funeral for Millou. I never went to a dog funeral before and had no idea what to expect. Sonja handled it with class and elegance -- right down to champagne plastic glasses.


Sonja and I are very close. We have our differences at times and can fight and argue intensely. What will never change is that we have each other's backs and have been through thick and thin with each other.My love is always there for her and vice versa. We get each other in such a way that many people don't understand and are jealous and resentful of. We are truly friends for life.

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