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Sonja: Kristen Is Being Immature

Sonja knows Ramona isn't going into anger management -- and she knows Kristen needs to buck up and appreciate what she has with her husband.

Oh my! How good does Carole look in yoga. After a night of partying!? Maybe she really didn't drink? Who looks that good?


You saw all the bottles and evidence on the lawn the next morning. Lu and Heather can really keep up with each other. I sure try.

Lu and I had a ball. We finally had some time together. She is a lot of fun when she lets her hair down. I know I have told all of you that before. We never went to the captain's house for Lucas Nelson's after party. He's Willie Nelson's son. Very good-looking! He pulled up beside our boat and invited us to come and he was staying at the captain's house so I had to get his number to rendezvous. I know it looked very lecherous but it really wasn't. We do like to get a reaction out if you guys.

So we corner Ramona and we get her to say she's going to look at her anger management. I know that's not going to happen. We all know that's not going to happen. Mario knows that's not going to happen! I'm laughing when I see myself say "I can't shake her so you better straighten up Singer!"


Hard being a mom. Hard supporting a family. I'm under the same pressure as Josh. Gets lonely doing it on your own. I get it when he says emerging business. Kristen is being immature. She would know if she was on her own. They have weekends together. I wish I had my husband on weekends with my daughter -- like we used to -- but that's all changed. Kristen doesn't cook? Maybe her nanny can help. I used to have the nanny chop everything up so I could cook. I love cooking. She could do the opposite. She can chop everything up and have the nanny cook and share her recipes with Kristen. I've had my fellow Housewives over to teach them my recipes. I'll have to show Kristen some good ones for the crockpot, on the indoor stovetop grill, or in the toaster oven. Or just throw the store bought ready-made chicken or turkey in the pot. Make soup! Everyone in the family loves fresh-made soup. It's very easy

I'm glad Kristen accepted Ramona's apology. But she really needs to let things go. Kristen is unhappy. I told her in the Berkshires that she provoked Ramona. She clearly enjoys humiliating Ramona because she's rubbing Ramona's nose in it. One person is not going to change Ramona, especially not like this. You want a reaction from Ramona? You're going to get one.

Sonja's Interns Top 3 Fashion Picks

Carole's date with Nick: Amazing outfit, especially the gladiator boots!
Kristen: T by Alexander Wang silk taupe dress for her Ramona's one-on-one confrontation.
Heather: dress and glasses at the Central Park pond with Kristen. Outstanding!

Thanks for watching we're over halfway there!

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