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Sonja Makes Love, Not War at Parties

Sonja treats gossip like what it is -- an absurd game of Telephone -- and thinks the ladies need to lighten up.

By Sonja Morgan

I was so mad at the girls when I walked out of the house to packed to go to the Hamptons. I wanted out of there because of the negativity. These girls are buzz kills! I wanted to party and they were poopers. But I decided to come back because I knew they wouldn't have any fun in Saratoga without me.

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Lu should have come with me to Siro's after the races like we discussed. I had a ball! They had the same choice -- to stay at the track or go home, nap, and eat dinner at the house. They know that I stayed at the track. We all had numbers of drivers, escorts, security, National Racing Association officials, etc. by our sides. I shot basketball hoops when I got back to the house (high heels and all) before I went in the house and got attacked by their accusations. Wheeee! Fun! Just what I wanted to do in Saratoga. I went upstairs and they just kept at it. So I packed to leave. As you can see, I had a fabulous time that night and even played the air guitar! I'm not mean when I imbibe, quite the contrary.

Aviva looks like Jackie O at the luncheon Lu threw for Bonnie Fuller's charity for cancer victims. It was so obvious that it was Kelly in the mask. Surprise?!? Come on! She looked amazeballs! I'm sure she's happy to be out of the drama.

Ménage a tois with Miss USA? George? I believe Miss USA when she says that she went home to her place. I'm sure that Aviva was just told this tall tale by George. I'm very intuitive. I do not believe Aviva planted the girl at the luncheon. However it could be a great springboard for Miss USA's career. We need poised girls like that on RHONY! She held her own up against the Ramona-coaster just fine! She took the info not as an insult, but as advice -- the way I sincerely think Ramona meant it. This girl is confident and that is what we need! Fun, dramatic, but centered people who know their truth.

I texted Pickles to set up that I was on my way and had stayed at a friends -- then my phone died. I gave her permission to go ahead and let Kristen in and set up the balcony with my C Wonder pillows and throw from my friend Chris Burch. Pickles was panicked because we didn't have pillow inserts to fit the decorative covers! I told her which pillows to use. (BTW, when the pillows were put away for the winter we couldn't remember putting them in the C Wonder covers until this summer!)

Kristen -- start your wonderful facial, I'm an adult. Pickles is not worried. I do occasionally stay over at a gentleman friend's home.


Regarding the beauty industry chatter it's amazing how these rumors get started. I have to admit our group really stirs the pot though! I like to hear what is being said in the beauty community. It's like when you are little and play the game of telephone. The teacher shows you how you start a message in one ear, and by the time it gets to the fourth or fifth kid it's absurd! It's just that -- absurd, fun to play.

LuAnn seems to be sensitive about everything with me these days. My relationship with Ramona is the usual. Now it's my relationship with the beauty industry! I'm not going to tell them to stop talking -- because that would mean there is truth to what they are saying. I'm not lowering myself to that level. As I say; "Lie with pigs, you'll get dirty!" I'm paying for a facial and some quality entertainment!

BTW, Satoko was totally off the scent of who I am seeing and where I stayed that night. LOL

Carole even went to get a facial with Satoko to get the straight facts. Kristen still gets facials from Satoko and spray tans from Francky L'Official on Madison Avenue who also styles my hair (and the Victoria's Secret models)!

Kristen said she looooves my lingerie store and my picks for her. I'm a Fashion Institute of Technology girl! I love to share my tips. It's what I do: fashion lifestyle advice. When I do luxury brand consulting, it's the same thing just on a bigger scale -- and I get paid a whole lot more. But I love it all, entertaining, building beautiful places, and putting people together. I have a knack for putting teams together. I have a nose that knows where people want to go and can take the pulse of a room in seconds.

Ramona moving in with Avery at college? LOL. She says the same thing to me every time we check in a hotel or take a vacation to a house or on a boat!

These girls are Debbie Downers when they are talking about Aviva having her art show at home! I always have art shows at my house. It's a great backdrop. People love to see private homes. I use it as a charity hook all the time. We set up trips abroad based on the same premise. Wouldn't you like to see a vineyard in France and have dinner at the owner's home . . .and the proceeds go to charity?

Aviva did a great job. I remember Lu had an art show in her garage. It's the Hamptons! Why not!?! Aviva is always inclusive. It was nice of her to have LuAnn's daughter's painting highlighted.

"I did not invite that woman to that party," sounded like Bill Clinton saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Aviva did ask if she could text it to Heather at the luncheon. Heather then asked Aviva if she could share it with the others (sure to create waves). Heather decided she wanted to share and Aviva agreed. Lu is doing same thing and ruining Aviva's party by carrying on about what went down at her luncheon.


No wonder I drink around these bitches! And I really shouldn't! That's why I said I was leaving Ramona's cocktail party in the Hamptons -- the girls were being negative about my Caburlesque cameo for my Sonja In The City charity event to support the new LGBT youth center. I need to be around more relaxed people who want to make love, not war, when partying. At least I do until these girls are in a better place, a place that I know them to usually be in. I don't stir the pot, I stir the drink! (#Sonjaism) But, if you get in my face I will get fierce. There are times that friends should just socialize and stay light-hearted, and this was one of those times. Everyone is allowed to be silly and let their hair down when at a cocktail party. Otherwise, they should stay home!

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