5 Moments That Didn't Make It Into the #RHONY Reunion

Even a three-part reunion couldn't contain all the drama that went down.

Even with three separate parts, not everything made it into The Real Housewives of New York City reunion. Thankfully, we were on set all day (and we mean all day) soaking up every bit of drama. Here's what you didn't see:

1. The ladies came prepared.

Before everyone was seated and ready to begin, we got a sneak peek into how some of the ladies prepared for the all-day event. Dorinda called her mother and asked her to say a prayer, and Carole reviewed some handwritten notes to help remember who said what throughout the season.

2. Bethenny and Kristen got into it.

Not every single argument made it into the reunion, and that includes one between Bethenny and Kristen. The subject of Kristen speaking to the press about Bethenny came back up. Bethenny accused Kristen of misrepresenting herself by pretending she wasn't media savvy when Bethenny said she had seen evidence to the contrary. 

3. Bethenny is still trying to figure out Sonja.

Andy: What happened to your intern Pickles?

Sonja: Pickles went back to Belgium.

Bethenny: Who's Pickles?

4. There was a little drama before lunch.

As everyone headed off for a lunch break, certain ladies were trying to figure out if they should eat together or alone. Bethenny was quick to say she needed a break from the group.

5. There was a lot of drama after lunch.

As everyone was making their way back to the couches, Dorinda and Heather got into an argument. Over what? It's hard to say, but it got heated enough that Ramona had to intervene and tell them to stop.

For even more missed reunion moments, tune in Sept. 3 at 9/8c for Secrets Revealed



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