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Bethenny: I'm a Quality Versus Quantity Person

Bethenny talks about her squabble with Heather and reacts to Ramona's comment that she doesn't have girlfriends. 

By Bethenny Frankel

Oh the Berkshires...there is a lot of talk about the Berkshires. Fortunately, you won't have to endure many more tears from me after this. It really was a crazy time. Finding balance as a new single mom isn't easy. I constantly felt torn. I was trying to engage with a new group, but my daughter always comes first. I simply wasn't leaving her for the weekend. Period. That is precious time. So what did I do?

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I booked a limo with blankets and pillows and princess movies and came to the dinner after bedtime. I came from "a place of yes," and it worked out. That said, I was, as Carole puts it, “wound tight” having tried to pull it all together.

It was a beautiful house and so wintery, and I walked into a scene from Knots Landing with the way these women were dressed. I felt like I was overdressed. There is no more casual place in the world. That definitely made me giggle.

Well, I just wanted to chill and laugh, and I felt that Heather was on my jock again. We definitely have different styles when getting to know each other.

Heather, You're Not Bethenny's Mother

That catty girl scene was interesting to watch when Ramona said that I had no girlfriends and everyone gave me their dose of therapy. That, by the way, is hilarious and scary.

I have a very small group of best friendsthat I've had for 25 years. I keep it tight and right, and with this nastiness and catty conversation, now we know why. I'm a quality versus quantity person. If you think I'm going to fill a room or my life with girls that look like they're all my BFFs but wait for them to start gossiping behind my back, you got the wrong one. Ya gotta love Ramona.

Kristen was the one who got that conversation started as she so enjoys doing. This is when I would say: You just stand around and look pretty.

Well Sonja finally got a break and a hall pass this week, Carole remained unscathed, and Luann stayed below the fray. I enjoyed the dinner and the booze and Dorinda's brother. She was a great host, and she does her, and I do me. And finally we gave her boyfriend a break. I get what everyone is concerned about, but let people live.
And my daughter and I got to make snow angels at the Red Lion Inn. All in all, I’m glad I went, and I’m glad the crying game is ending.

Thanks for watching. The show is really good. The ratings are up and #theBisback

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