Heather: What Happened to Common Courtesy and Manners?

Heather: What Happened to Common Courtesy and Manners?

Heather explains what happened the morning of the AC trip and commends Bethenny for her attempts to reach out to Sonja.

What happens in Atlantic City…comes back to NYC
I totally understand running late. I’m usually not the best at being on time, and there never seems to be enough hours for all the things I try to jam into my day. I get it. I don’t like to pick on people about things like this, either. We were all given a time to meet at Sonja’s--10am. She wasn’t ready, and Bethenny was going to be late, too. The kind and hospitable thing to do at this point would have been to invite your guests into your home to wait, not leave them standing in the cold rain for over an hour. What happened to common courtesy and manners? 

I was literally shocked when one of Sonja’s many interns told me “Lady Morgan isn’t receiving guests.” The same “Lady Morgan” who has allowed me to make sure she is able to get home safely is now forcing us to wait in her unheated vestibule. This was insane to me. I also found it very hard to believe Sonja was clueless about the car situation. She was the one who arranged all the details for this trip. Just invite us in, offer me a glass of water, and I would have been happy to wait it out for hours.
I also didn’t care that Bethenny was late. I wasn’t mad at all; I would have just appreciated a text. Only Sonja had been given a heads up, and since we were stuck out in the cold, that message wasn’t relayed. Kristen and I both have small children that we like to take to school, as well, but out of respect for the group and everyone’s time, we both made other arrangements this day.

Once we finally made it to AC and were getting ready for dinner, I wasn’t keeping everyone waiting as Bethenny tried to make it seem. Bethenny actually used my hair stylist that night, and I even let her go ahead of me, so it makes me giggle that she was calling me out. Everyone was in the living area of my room, so someone could have easily come and gotten me if I was really 51 minutes late.

All of the lateness debates aside, although I’m not a fan of Bethenny’s deliveries as of late, she did tell Sonja things she needed to hear, and that’s not easy to do. I respect that Bethenny was able to do it. I really just want Sonja to get better, and I think some of her behavior needs to be chalked up to choices. In the end, standing in the rain isn’t as important to me as someone’s health and happiness.

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