Kristen: Dorinda Does Have Anger

Kristen: Dorinda Does Have Anger

Kristen thinks Dorinda exposed her angry side a couple of times on the couch. 

Does Dorinda Lash Out When She Drinks?

Round Two! Ding Ding!

Preach, Carole! How did the situation escalate? They had chemistry! They care about each other! How can Luann expect Carole to read her mind? And it's true. Age-shaming is a thing, and Luann is the master of it. I was happy that Carole was speaking up for herself. This is clearly a season of pent-up anger. She needed to get it off her chest. Luann is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

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Oh Dorinda and the dirty martini train! Her montage was half funny and half alarming. The woman can drink! I found Dorinda's daughter to be a little harsh about her relationship with John! A chubby chaser is kind of mean. Dorinda is great for not pressuring their relationship, though. I really admire that she gives her daughter her space and doesn't force her into the relationship with John. And I'm happy that she showed how she came at me about the John thing! I did nothing wrong. Was I a little skeeved out? Yes, but I removed myself from the situation. Josh wasn't mad, I wasn't embarassed, I was just like, "Yikes." I'm not mad, I don't hold anything against him. If he makes Dorinda happy, I'm on his team. She really came at me on the couch. Very rude and defensive! What does me modeling topless have anything to do with anything! She just kept going and going and going and finally, I just had to wait my turn. She had to run out of breath at one point.

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The Ladies Give Their Real Opinions of John

Dorinda and Heather! Woah! Dorinda does have anger. So true. I thought that they were good but apparently not. I don't understand what's between those two. I don't know if Dorinda has a split personality, but I will say that she really is defensive. The "f---" dinner recap... she FREAKED out. How can she even defend what she was saying?! She was absolutely wasted! Also, can I just say, I love Andy and Bethenny's side comments. Those two are hilarious.

Sexually free is right! Damn, these ladies have quite the sex drive. I'm the youngest one, and I feel like I'm the old married lady! I'm happy to hear that Bethenny's dating. She deserves happiness. I like her mentality that she already has everything she needs, so if a man comes along, why not? Also, BTW, everyone has sex dreams, but we don't all have to share them, Carole!

Ramona does not have the most game! She chases men--we saw it happen all season. Do we remember her at the Turks and Caicos bar? And I speak the truth: Ramona cannot seal the deal. God, watching the recap of Ramona at the beginning of the breaks my heart. I can't even imagine how she was feeling. She was so sad, it made me tear up. No woman deserves to walk in on her husband cheating. That is just the absolute worst. I don't think that Luann needed to inform Ramona about the dating sites. It was already over, why twist the knife any more? That's not helping Ramona at all at that point. All that being said, I stand by it. The "new" Ramona does not exist. I refused to raise my hand.

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