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Kristen: Love Is Enough

Kristen gives us an update on her marriage and dishes about her fellow Housewives. 

By Kristen Taekman

Hi! It’s been a while. We’re baaack! Lots to chat about!

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I am loving all of the girls' taglines. They seem to be short, sweet, and to the point. Everyone seems to touch on the obvious in their lives. I like that.

Bethenny is back. I have to say, watching the episode with her, you really get to know where she is in her life. I had no idea and still can’t believe that she is “homeless.” It’s so crazy to think that she has been living out of hotels and changing clothes in her car? Why couldn’t she rent an apartment again? Hmmm…none of my business I suppose. Oh by the way, she gave me a copy of her book, Cookie Loves Peanut. It’s really cute and Kingsley loved it.

Josh and I are in a much better place. Sometimes you just lose sight of how important it is to be there for your partner. Work, kids, life get in the way so often. What we must bear in mind always is that the partnership is primary and deserves constant attention and nurturing. Josh and I learned a lot from last season and are stronger for it. As you can clearly see this night, Josh is home with the kids while I get a night on the town with the girls. Kingsley is thriving! It was hard for me to watch the clip of Kinsgley crawling around on the floor. It’s very hard to believe that this is the same child! I always knew in my “Mommy” heart that she would make a “breakthrough” and be ok. It took a while, and thankfully she’s thriving! I am very happy that I got her the therapy that she needed. It was challenging juggling a husband, Cash, modeling, and taking her to therapy three times a week for two-plus years. I am very happy and proud to say that she is now finished with therapy!  She now takes swimming lessons, gymnastics, and ballet. She loves her big brother and does all she can to keep up with him! Kingsley has also started school three half-days per week! It really is quite magical how fast they grow. It just took Kingsley a little longer to kick-start the process. But look at her now!

I like seeing the dynamic between Luann and Bethenny. It’s nice to see old friends reconnect and reminisce. It was nice to hear Lu open up about Jacque and what happened in their relationship. The girls touch on how LOVE just isn’t enough... I say why not? Yes it is, for me anyway, it’s plenty!

I am soooo disappointed in Sonja for not letting Ramona vent and talk to her. ”

Kristen Taekman

Ramona looks amazing…she is glowing beautifully despite the fact that she is going through such a tough time in her life right now. But maybe that’s a sign that whatever is happening with her is meant to be. I always love to see Ramona and Sonja getting one-on-one time with each other. I was very surprised to hear that they hadn’t seen each other in a long time... hmmm are they perhaps REALLY not that good of friends? I am soooo disappointed in Sonja for not letting Ramona vent and talk to her. Unbelievable that Sonja turns it into a conversation about herself! Hello…25 years of marriage! Sonja was married, what? A whole seven years? Come on…this is a big deal, and we all know it. Let Ramona be heard. Why can’t Ramona just have a damn minute?!

Carole! A contract is a contract! Stop playing and start working, lady!

Carole is so silly and playful…looks like that attitude is not cutting it with her editor!

How awesome is Dorinda?! I love her. She has been through so much, she offers the best advice, has the best one-liners, and she loves her fashion! The dynamic between her and Hannah is priceless.

I am happy that Ramona got to really break down with Dorinda and let it all out. I am so surprised to hear Ramona admit that Mario made her not say anything about their situation before the reunion. It’s nice to finally hear her fill us in, especially because it was all very public and played out in all the tabloids. It must be nice to finally let it all out, so therapeutic. I think it’s definitely important to hear it from the horse’s mouth…so to speak.

Bethenny mentions that she is immune to anything negative said about her in the press and that she doesn’t care... NOTED. Peeps, please remember this for later… can’t say anything more than that, but REMEMBER IT!

Sonja in her house with Satiko the amazing facialists! Yes, I use Satiko all the time and her spray tan girl, Krystan. They are both amazing. I have thanked Sonja for sharing more than once! BUT crazy is as crazy does…I said that she was/is delusional, because she really is!

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