Luann: Ramona Used Me As a Scapegoat As Usual

Luann discusses the fight at Petrossian.

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams
But you're too blind to notice
The writing on the wall
The higher that you fly
The harder you fall” – Book of Love

Who fights while indulging on Petrossian caviar and champagne? As you see this week, you can serve your guests the best and have them act the worst! Before Dorinda’s party at Petrossian, we were privy to Dorinda and Ramona’s conversation about Mario’s willingness to try it again with Ramona. While I’m glad Mario and Avery are now on good terms, I’m skeptical of Mario’s intentions and hope that Ramona waits to see how this plays out before jumping back in. Time will tell.

Carole as a politician…why not? She has to start somewhere (I guess), and her election to her building’s board could be the beginning of a new career? I was happy that she was chosen, and I liked her “strategy team,” although it was a bit of overkill, don’t you think? For those of you who do not live in New York City, building politics is a real issue. I know from experience. I wish her well!

We are back on the couch with Bethenny as she continues her therapeutic journey. I’m glad she had a good time in Miami, and I’m sorry that she’s still struggling to overcome her difficult childhood. The custody arrangement she has with her ex Jason is very rigid, and I can’t imagine a court telling me when and where I can see my children, so I understand how frustrated she must feel. Nonetheless, she needs to take care of herself. When Mommy’s happy, everyone is happy. When she went décor shopping with Carole at CB2 (fabulous place) and broke down sobbing in the middle of the store, it made me realize that she is so consumed with fear that she can’t see her future through her tears. I wonder why Carole couldn’t find it within her to give Bethenny a hug…even if she isn’t “a hugger.” Bethenny has to begin looking ahead rather than back and enjoy the time she has with her friends and family.

Bethenny Breaks Down in Front of Carole
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I would never stick Ramona’s face in the caviar, as much as I wanted to at Dorinda’s party…who would waste such a delicious treat? Although Ramona tries not to be a (caviar) pot stirrer, sometimes she just can’t resist, and this was one of those times. Typical! I did have a conversation with Ramona about John, and she was an enthusiastic participant in sharing her concerns with me about his overly friendly behavior with the ladies. Ramona, when backed into a corner, was quick to blame me for the entire situation. Poor Dorinda, she’s right, we are over-analyzing John, and it’s her boyfriend and her choice to be with him. I say, if Dorinda’s happy, I’m happy, and I hope that we didn’t hurt John’s feelings airing our private conversation with everyone. Ramona used me as a scapegoat as usual!

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Dorinda and John's Relationship Gets Thrown Under the Bus
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Will we survive our trip to the Berkshires? Will Bethenny ever get off the couch? Is Heather really a caviar whore? Until next week, be cool.

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