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Sonja Morgan: It's Always Ramona Stirring the Pot

Sonja thinks Ramona should take some notes from Dorinda's birthday speech.

By Sonja Morgan
Ramona Singer Is Concerned for Sonja Morgan
I'm really happy Jules shares her eating disorder with Bethenny. Bethenny can be threatening, but she got to see Bethenny's soft side, and they bonded. I think Jules can seem arrogant, but she's young and coming into her own. Bethenny is on her own. There is a difference. The feeling is palpable at times. 
Jules Confides in Bethenny
When Ramona comes over and says she would like to see the carefree "not a worry in the world Sonja again," it's laughable. It's been a long time since I haven't had to worry. She knows I just wrote a huge check to pay off the movie lawsuit, and on top of that my daughter is off to boarding school--and very recently! It's been very unsettling and lonely. 
I've been grateful to have the company of Luann. Who knew I would go from Ramonja to LuSonja? Just like that. It's just Luann and I have so much more in common right now. I'm certainly not going to apologize for two grown women having a good time. Luann is a ton of fun, and Ramona is pretending to be someone else! Like she's superior? Boy have the tables turned. 
It seems like Ramona now wants to keep me in the past and put me in my place, whatever that is. 
She should be proud of me, especially now after I have achieved so much through adversity. It's never OK to shame a friend and say they're not wanted at a friend's get together. Bethenny then calls Ramona out. Saying she just hadn't seen me in months. I knew on the spot that Ramona was lying. Bethenny would never bird dog Ramona with a message. Then Ramona tells Bethenny she told me me she thought that was why?! She said "let's call a spade a spade," like it came straight from Bethenny's mouth! It's always Ramona stirring the pot. 
Having said that, I should know better. I have known Ramona for so long I don't know why I should be hurt. She said things in the past that weren't true, like the bank had possession of my house, and that wasn't true. There was no bank. And those rumors were spread through the newspapers stemming from her comments. And now this. She says things to create drama at others' expense and at all expense. 
I think Ramona should just worry about her reputation. She certainly is a single woman who is out there, and I'm the one who has been apologizing for her behavior for decades. 
I'm doing just fine, especially in the invite department. I'm still the straw that stirs the drink, and I'm definitely the broad who serves the drinks. 
Wow Luann breaking down broke my heart. She was saying she missed seeing Bethenny from the summer, how they had good times. Wow. That couldn't have gone in a worse way. I, too, missed Bethenny when she invited me and my daughter, but I needed every minute with her in the city at our house getting ready to move to school. She wanted time at her childhood home. 
Dorinda's speech was lovely and touching. I hope Ramona got the message about being loyal, protective and allowing girlfriends to be vulnerable. 
See you next week on As The Stomach Churns.
PS When I do I get a scripted show? I wanna play the BITCH!
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