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Sonja Morgan: Ramona's Being a Pill

Sonja thinks Ramona is causing unnecessary drama.

By Sonja Morgan
Sonja Gives Amazing Relationship Advice

I was touched that Jules wants to help others through her eating disorder and be a role model.

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I would love to see Dorinda with someone protective. That's what marriage is about. Nothing wrong with dating people in between. John has been there for her in her loneliest of times.

Don't Say a Mean Word about John Mahdessian

Ramona has not been supportive of Dorinda in many ways. She's been blurting out hurtful things about Dorinda's relationship with John because it's embarrassing to her?! Meaning embarrassing to Ramona. As if Ramona is never embarrassing. Dorinda is right, Ramona comes around with a lot of idiots, and I myself said it kindly before. I don't like the guys Ramona's been dating, and I don't think Ramona likes them either. I said it as a joke, but it was very tongue in cheek.

John is a nice guy, and Ramona is bringing out the worse in many of us by rearing her Ramona-monster head.

I've always felt sorry for Ramona because of her tough background and supported her, but enough is enough. 

Carole talking about Jules boiling water cracked me up. They are both light in the kettle department.  

Dorinda Is Sick and Tired

Dorinda's correct. This is personal now. Meaning between Dorinda and John, not John and the ladies. It's crazy. I believe the man should be cordial always. I would be embarrassed if my man engaged with Ramona.  

When Bethenny doesn't RSVP it means she's coming, right? When a friend can't make it they always let you know, because it's a let down. Of course I would look forward to having B there. 

When I told everyone my dream of building my fashion lifestyle brand and how I was spending my time for many years building it, they laughed. Some called me delusional. And that was no BS. It exists. Sonja Morgan New York now has two jewelry lines and swimwear in addition to fashion. I have to stay focused and let the naysayers buzz. I have a tough crowd for friends, but my experiences are mine, and I'm loving every moment! The creativity feeds my soul, and I learn something new every day. 

Ugh. I hate celebrating my birthday. But I get talked into it by my friend Marco Maranghello, who has a birthday also. He's so young and spirited. Why not? I love when Dorinda walks in she makes a joke about John and the young girls being beautiful. That's the point, isn't it? Only Dorinda should be making jokes about her boyfriend. Eyes wide open there. Michael and John make for a good party! Both fun, loving good guys. Jules is a boat of laughs too. Just pure silliness.  

Ramona's being a pill. She's so hot and cold I never know what to expect from her since she found out about Mario. I just try to be supportive. It's not like I haven't been there for her all along. Like in Morrocco. Or when rumors flew about Mario. It's not like I don't know her inside out. It's not like I haven't been through divorce myself. Sometimes she acts like I'm a complete stranger and everyone else is more important. Closer. Or that she is superior to me.

Boy, I put my foot in saying my caterer said Jules needed to eat. I think I was trying to compliment the caterer and most women you can never tell them they're too thin. I didn't realize the other girls were riding her on her weight. More on that later. 

Regifting the gift? I always regift a gift. It's the thought that counts. If I have something great that I think somebody else could use, I just give it to them and make sure to be upfront about it. There's always an underlying tension between Luann and Ramona. It's not about the gift, because like I said, Ramona never gives me a gift for my birthday. Friends don't have to give gifts. I never thought about it til this squabble. And then her comment about my house becoming a brothel. What is she worried about? We are adults. Our kids are away at school. We are entitled to enjoy ourselves, especially if we are about to settle down again. Ha! Ramona shouldn't talk. She's just getting out there again, and we have been there for a while. If I were Ramona, I would be worried about herself. 

Is Luann a Bad Influence on Sonja?

I mean really, Turtle Time is worried?!  LOL. She likes to party. I stayed out all night in Turks and Caicos with her, protecting her when she tried to pick up the restraunt owner she blockaded the rest of the girls from, subsequently pissing then off. I stood right by her. Sounds like she's jealous of me having more fun with Luann. She's the one that leaves them upstairs at home in Turks and Caicos. Hypocritical much? Just relax. 

When everyone does a toast to tasting Tipsy Girl, Ramona is downright rude saying she isn't drinking. Ramona drinks day and night. When is she not drinking? The respectful thing to do is to raise your glass. Period. 

In fact, she said something snippy on Watch What Happens Live when Andy asked her about my fashions. Not nice! Not a good look on a lady. I have been nothing but supportive of Ramona's here-today-gone-tomorrow business ventures. 

She's not worried about Luann and my partying or my business. She's drawing unattractive attention to herself. Ironically.

The black jumpsuit I'm wearing at my birthday party is Sonja Morgan New York, which you probably recall from my first fashion show that I wore in red. That and my tuxedo jogging pant suit are signature looks that did well for me. Also my gowns sold very well. The ready to wear needs to be better priced for everyone, and we are working on that! We have a better priced jewelry line already. Really gorgeous stones set in sterling silver. Investment pieces. Not junk travel jewelry that you throw away after time. That's why I call it The Timeless Collection. We have a sale now

Nothing has given me more pleasure than running into people wearing my collection and seeing the pride in my daughter's eyes. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. 

The Tipsy Girl restaurant has its awning up and will be opening soon on 8th Street, and I will keep you posted. 

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