5 Times the #RHONY 'Wives Were Disinvited From Group Trips

5 Times the #RHONY 'Wives Were Disinvited From Group Trips

When the going gets tough, the tough kick other Housewives off their vacation plans.

By Gillian Horn

When there is conflict, humans typically have two responses: fight or take flight. We're all well aware that the RHONY Housewives are not afraid to battle it out, but when conflict arises between a trip organizer and another 'Wife, a third response arises: disinvite. Check out some of the juiciest moments when a New Yorker played her disinvite card, and excluded another Housewife from a group vacation. 

1. Sonja and the Berkshires

In season 8 when Sonja Morgan started her line of prosecco called Tipsy Girl, Bethenny Frankel thought it was a little too similar to her own brand, Skinnygirl. Naturally, this did not go over well and Sonja's conflict with the others heightened. Dorinda Medley calmly sat Sonja down and explained that she feels a group setting is not best for Sonja and disinvited her from the Berkshires. 

2. Ramona and London

Season 5 picked up some heat when Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson just did not click. With Heather's upcoming trip to London on the horizon, she decided she didn't want Ramona's drama to join the trip. So, Ramona was not invited. 

3. Jill and the Virgin Islands

Who can forget season 3, better known as the season of Jill Zarin and Bethenny's falling out? It was also the season when Ramona renewed her vows with her now ex-husband, Mario. Leading up to the vow renewal, Ramona threw a "bachelorette" trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jill was initially invited, declined the invite, and then, surprise! She showed up. The rest of the girls were in utter shock, and in the end, Jill left the trip realizing that the invitation was no longer valid. Oh, did we mention that this was the same trip known as Scary Island featuring Kelly Killoren Bensimon's breakdown? What a season. 

4. Luann and Mexico

In Season 8, Bethenny invited everyone on a tequilla-tasting trip. After having some beef with Luann, and sticking up for her BFF Carole, Bethenny tried to not invite Luann. In the end, Luann kind of invited herself, but in the end the trip never happened.

5. Ramona and Mexico

Last but not least, we have the most recent disinvite where Bethenny excludes Ramona from another Mexico trip. After Ramona accused Bethenny of sleeping her way to the top, the self-made Skinnygirl mogul is rather pissed. What does Bethenny try to do? Yup, she disinvites Ramona. Or at least she tries to. Ramona decides she's going to come anyway.

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