Luann D'Agostino: Mexico Was Full of Make-Ups and Make-Outs

Luann D'Agostino: Mexico Was Full of Make-Ups and Make-Outs

Luann raves about the tequila trip: "This trip had more roses than thorns for all of us!"

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Sonja's Straight, but When She Drinks...

Our trip to Mexico had it all: falling down, making out, and making up! The ladies love their tequila and the highlight of our trip was the visit to see how it’s made. We began drinking right after we left the helicopters... and we had a glass in our hands ALL day! It’s not surprising that things got a little crazy after we got back to the villa. Sonja hardly drinks anymore, but when she does, she goes all in. Bethenny should know by now that if she runs around naked in front of Sonja when she’s been drinking, smooching will ensue... and it did! I did my part by grabbing the pitcher out of Sonja’s hands when she started drinking from it. After I called Tom to say hi, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning, which in retrospect was a good thing! I was ready to go again the next morning and had a fabulous day getting pampered. Just what the hangover doctor ordered!

I was glad that Ramona and Bethenny made up. Ramona has a good heart, but she can be mean sometimes, and so can Bethenny. Life is hard enough without your friends making it even harder. Dorinda Medley should have stayed in bed that night like me, because she was just too tired and too buzzed to have dinner with the girls. The next morning, she owned up for what she said to Bethenny and apologized. That’s what I love about Dorinda—she says she’s sorry and moves on. She doesn’t hold grudges, and she’s right—minus the alcohol, there wouldn’t have been an argument.

All in all, this trip had more roses than thorns for all of us! Thank you to Bethenny and the La Vida Dulce Villa staff for making this a great vacation.

Until next week, viva la Mexico!

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