Ramona Singer: Richard Was a Gentleman in Every Way

Ramona Singer: Richard Was a Gentleman in Every Way

Ramona reflects on the good times she had with Dorinda Medley's late husband, Richard. 

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Watching tonight’s episode and watching Dorinda at Richard's gravesite was so, so sad. Richard was really a very special man, and I was honored to have known him. We all met when our girls attended Sacred Heart School in NYC.

We actually met at the school’s annual benefit. We all just hit it off right away and became fast friends. We spent some good quality time together between dinner parties, school events, holidays, and just “hanging" out while developing a strong friendship. 

Richard and Dorinda made a great couple. He was a gentleman in every way—warm-hearted and a gentle soul. Watching tonight, I remembered his funeral so clearly. It took Dorinda a few years to really bounce back to herself. I was always there for her during her times of need. I always insisted she join me to go out, to try to get her mind moving forward. It makes you so appreciate that life can change in a split second. We all need to embrace what we have and be grateful. Live your life in the moment, because as Dorinda has learned, you never know what may happen next. I love you Dorinda, xoxo.

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