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Dorinda Medley Shared the Best Update About Her Daughter Hannah Lynch's Life Today

The RHONY alum revealed what her daughter is doing these days.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Dorinda Medley has some big news to share with the world about her daughter, Hannah Lynch. The Real Housewives of New York City alum and her 20-something daughter recently bonded while working together on Dorinda's forthcoming memoir, Make It Nice, out in August.

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"Hannah helped me edit the whole book," Dorinda recently told Bravo Insider. "Hannah helped me edit it 'cause Hannah’s an incredible writer. She’s an academic writer. That’s her life. She’s more like her father [Ralph Lynch] in the way she thinks. She thinks more academically, more straightforward. She could look at it 'cause I tend to be a little bit more, you know, colorful and flower. Hannah’s a much more serious character."

Dorinda shared that her kid also learned a thing or two about working together on the project. "But it was interesting to have her read it and really ask me about it. Not only to help me make the story more complete. But she was curious. She’s like, 'Wow, Mom, I had no idea, like, that you went through that.' You know what I mean? And my feelings about motherhood and my feelings about leaving home, and moving abroad," the RHONY alum shared. "I wasn’t a kid that grew up and traveled a lot so back then. When you left home you left. There were no cell phones. There was no FaceTime. You know, you called your mother and father once a month [or] weekly. It was different. It was scary."

So, what else is Hannah up to these days when she's not assisting her mom on her big book release? "Hannah is in school still. She’s in school. She’s doing really well. She’s happy. She’s good. Hannah was never really a big part of the show. She doesn’t like the limelight [laughs]. She’s very much her father. She’s much more of an academic. And she stay[s] very much in the shadows. And, you know, even I’m [just] mom to her," Dorinda said. "I remember we were somewhere, at Bergdorf’s, one day and I was shopping with her. And one time, this woman goes up to Hannah and says, 'Doesn’t your mom always make it nice?' She goes, 'That’s weird. That’s weird, Mom.' Even on the show, she was very scarce. I had to beg her. But the wonderful thing about Hannah is when she was on the show, she had impact."

Now in her 20s, Hannah has been by her mom's side through several life changes, including Dorinda's divorce from Ralph, as well as the passing of stepdad Richard Medley. And, Dorinda revealed what she thinks her kid has learned from those relationships.

"I already see it happening with Hannah. Hannah knows how to balance her relationships. It’s very important to keep [yourself]. But also, it’s important to be a good partner in life. And that takes work. My mother would say there is no 50-50. There’s sometimes 70-30 and 80-20 and 10-90. But you have to be malleable and you have to be open, and you have to be a great partnership. And you have to have things in common, and you have to make sure that your home — safety place and not, do not let anybody harm it. You know, don’t let the fox in the hen house, you know what I mean?" she said. "For me, maybe not for other women, but I always really enjoyed my role as a mother and a wife. But also, I mean, it was work and [you have to have] different interests and have a lot of friends. I think it’s very important for women to keep growing. Make sure you have friends, make sure you have a job, make sure you balance. Too much of anything is not good... and Hannah’s learned that. Hannah’s very good at that balance, I think."

In addition to spending time at her famed Blue Stone Manor up in the Berkshires, Dorinda is also back in New York City. But, her apartment doesn't exactly have a spot for Hannah to crash in. "I just renovated the whole [apartment]. Hannah actually officially doesn’t have a room in my apartment anymore. Her bedroom is now my official dressing room. Don’t you love that? I mean, it’s so luxurious in New York City to have a whole room that’s just your dressing room," she said. "Hannah’s 26, 27. She can stay in her apartment. And she can come see me at Blue Stone Manor."

Speaking of Blue Stone Manor, well, Hannah has made a plan for the future when it comes to that residence. "I love Blue Stone Manor. Blue Stone Manor is a living and breathing place. You come through that gate, it’s like none other. I think it was, for me, the favorite part of filming is the Blue Stone Manor [stuff] because it was just so alive and it was such a great tradition and the decorations. And, it’s just a fantastic place. If I ever sold Blue Stone Manor, which, I mean, Hannah’s already staked her claim on it for her and her kids. She actually told me I can live there when I’m older [laughs]. She says I’ll take care of you, and you can stay up here. I’m like, 'Oh, that’s nice of you.'"

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