Shannon Beador's Dog Archie Is Used to a Lifestyle Even More Glamorous Than the O.C.

Shannon Beador's Dog Archie Is Used to a Lifestyle Even More Glamorous Than the O.C.

"Yeah, he’s downgrading it living at the Beadors'," the #RHOC mom joked.

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Shannon Beador Shares the Story of How Her Dog Archie Came Into Her Life

Housewives have been known to take to Twitter to promote their latest projects, get involved in beef and interact with fans. Twitter has even helped one Housewife find the love of her life — when it comes to her family pet, that is. 

Shannon Beador called finding her future dog, Archie, via social media "the craziest thing" during a recent interview with Unleashed. "A viewer tweeted a picture of Archie and said, 'Do you know anyone that’s looking for a dog?' And I said, 'Are you serious?' Because that was the deal. [My husband] David [Beador] said that the kids could get a dog when we sold the house," she recalled. "And so, couple months later, Archie came to our house." 

Even though Shannon's O.C. home is a thing of beauty, The Real Housewives of Orange County mom joked that it might not be up to Archie's standards. "He was raised in San Francisco at the Four Seasons hotel because they have residences up there, and the people worked. So the dog was home alone all the time, but he’s been raised fancy. Yeah, he’s downgrading it living at the Beadors'," she said. "But, he’s so much fun, so much fun. The kids just — we all love him to death."

New member of the Beador family... #Archie 🐾🐶❤️

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Archie, whose previous owners had given him that moniker, was about 10 months old when he came into the Beadors' lives last fall. Since then, taking care of Archie has been a family affair, although we're pretty sure one family member drew the short end of the stick when it came to taking care of the pup. "I think everyone pitches in a little bit with Archie," Shannon said. "David picks up Archie’s poop, and [daughter] Stella feeds him. That’s kind of her job. And we all play with him, take him on walks and that sort of thing."

Shannon and her family have learned that Archie is "so protective" and he has "these little sweet quirks" in their nearly first year with the canine. "Archie’s new passion is swimming. We knew that it was a matter of time before he realized that the pool was filled with water, and he’s a water dog, so now every single day, he finds the ball and he brings it to you like, 'It’s swim time.' When he sees the girls in bathing suits, he knows that they’re about to go in the pool, and he goes crazy. It’s really cute."

The Beadors have even already experienced their first health scare with Archie when he was taken to the vet in May "because he was having trouble swallowing and didn't want to eat," Shannon informed her Instagram followers at the time. Archie's vet eventually determined that he was probably just eating too much grass, so the family gave their pup a new lawn. "Archie is good. We replaced the grass, and Archie is all good," Shannon told Unleashed. "You could put the prettiest, most expensive leather shoe in front of him, and he won't touch it, but when you put grass or a stick or a plant, he’ll chew that thing. So it’s better, it’s better for him to chew plants than shoes."

Archie's new lawn... 🙌🐶❤️

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But Shannon said that Archie is "just such a good dog." "We’re all in love," she gushed.

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