Sarah questions Heather's questions about Alexis' finances, food, etc.

A Skunk, while you were "glamping"? Really? I thought Terry wasn't invited???

First and foremost I want to say that I'm very happy to hear that Vicki's daughter Briana is doing good and her surgery went well. Speaking of surgeries I think that Alexis and Tamara both look amazing after their recent surgeries as well. On a serious note and all joking aside I'm glad to hear that everyone is happy, healthy, and in a good place in their lives right now.

It really does baffle me as to why Heather has this ongoing obsession with Alexis lately. Why does she take pleasure in giving her such a hard time about what she is doing in her life? Her sinus surgery, her lifestyle, what she drives, what she eats, and just about anything else Heather can find to devour and spit back out to use for ammo just to be mean. Honestly, one word seems to come to mind: jealous. Maybe??? Just saying! I call it like I see it. It looks like being a bully has no age barrier nowadays. It's pretty sad if you ask me. It shouldn't be happening in grade school, let alone as grown adults.


I do have to admit though it is was really thoughtful of Alexis to bring all of the girls scarves for the Glapming Trip this week. It looked really cold out. I bet Heather was stoked that she could finally take that HUGE, RED, California King Comforter off that she was wearing around her neck all night and put it back on her bed for the rest of the trip. Or you never know, maybe the movie IT from back in the day is coming out with a sequel and she was just getting into character for her BIG role as "Pennywise" (since she was in the woods). I don't know. She cracks me up that girl. Bundle up Love Bunches! LOL.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to watching Gretchen's upcoming performance with the Pussycat Dolls. Vegas, Friends, Concert, Fun. . .Count me in!!!


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