Humbleness and Love

Humbleness and Love

Sarah discusses Heather's ring comment and why she's sticking with the group in spite of it.

This week's episode seriously taught me a lot about life and made me realize just how shallow some people can actually be in this world.

At first the night started off great. I always have so much fun running around with Gretchen, Alexis, and Peggy. But, I was completely caught off guard by a comment Heather made to me that night about me "needing to get a real ring," when I was telling the girls how happy I was about my recent engagement proposal. I was happy with the band that I had on, and I honestly don't feel that I need a seven carat diamond ring on my finger to prove that the guy I'm with really loves and cares about me. I had just met Heather that night, so that comment had me a little taken back to say the least. Yes, it hurt my feelings that this woman that I didn't even know had to try to make me feel like less than everyone else in the group just because I didn't have a "real ring." It made no sense to me at all.

It really saddened me to hear her extreme materialistic outlook on life in "her world," as she refers to it. Little did she know, ironically, I was her neighbor at the time, and I also lived in the same so-called exclusive "Billionaire Row" neighborhood (as she refers to it). I just didn't feel the need to mention to her that I too had that same extravagant lifestyle, with the maids, cooks, limo drivers, etc. and that in all actuality if I wanted to have a big expensive engagement ring like hers, I could have.

I really didn't feel that I had anything to prove to anyone. If that is the type of lifestyle that makes their family complete that's great. I couldn't be happier for them. To be honest from my own personal experience, I know that all of these "material things" won't ever make a person truly happy or complete with themselves. It's extremely sad to me to think that nowadays this is what is being portrayed as important to be able to have a happy life.

At that point, it really made me very hesitant to even consider continuing to hang out with the group knowing how shallow it can be for some. But I know the truth will always come out in time and eventually everyone will be exposed for who they really are. I was so sticking around to see that!

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