Staying in the Past

Staying in the Past

Sarah hopes the ladies can leave the '80s and their fight in the past.

Let's just keep the '80s in the past. . .

I think this blog will be best kept short and sweet.

Let's just say I'm staying out of this one! I'm so glad I wasn't at the '80s party this week. It seems that everyone had all of their own personal hardships and stresses at home and, unfortunately, it all had to come to surface at this party. I sincerely hope that everyone is at some point able to forgive, forget, and move on from the past and leave it in the past. Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff when there are bigger issues at hand (as there are unfortunately for Gretchen, Slade, Vicki, and their families).

My prayers go out to Slade and his son, as well as Vicki and her family. I personally know how really hard it is to be dealing with personal issues at home while having to try to put on a great big smile just to get through the evening without a struggle. It's not fun!

I think it's always better in the long run to just confront any issue or problem and work through it, so you can get over it, rather than just temporarily sweeping it under the rug.

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