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These Throwback Moments from RHOC's First Episode Will Make You All Kinds of Nostalgic

Ah, life on #RHOC was so simple with flip phones.

What a time 2006 was. It was the year Twitter launched, Crash won the Oscar for Best Picture, and a little show called The Real Housewives of Orange County hit the air on March 21, 2006. 

In 10 seasons of RHOC, we've seen many things change, such as the women getting their own unique taglines, the addition of a season-ending reunion, and the coming and going of new cast members. However, what is perhaps most striking about the very first episode of RHOC is not the how different its format is from the most recent season of the show but how much of a time capsule it is of the styles, trends, and technology we all knew and loved in 2006. 

So in honor of the 10th anniversary of RHOC this week, let's all revisit a time when velour tracksuits were all the rage and you could do little more than call or text with a cell phone. Without further ado, let's open up this time capsule of 2006, a.k.a. the first episode of RHOC.

1. Sunglasses

The RHOC ladies were a shady bunch back in 2006 — and by that we mean they were often seen in a pair of big statement-making sunnies with rectangular frames, of course.

2. Flip Phones

Before Apple unveiled its first-generation iPhone in 2007, ushering in a new era of smartphones for all, flip phones and hands-free headsets were about as fancy as telecommunication got back in 2006. But as you can see above, the RHOC crew was still pretty glued to their phones, even if the fanciest thing they did was take photos.

3. Velour Tracksuits

Remember when every celeb had to be seen in an ultra-trendy velour tracksuit, usually designed Juicy Couture? Clearly, Jo knew what was up in the first episode of RHOC, sporting the comfy-chic ensemble at home. With a flip phone in Jo's hand and those pink, furry slippers on her feet, this moment is about as 2006 as it gets.

4. The Cars

The denizens of Coto de Caza definitely had some nice wheels, but even these fly rides have been updated since 2006.

5. The Internet

We bet you're trying to remember your first AOL Instant Messenger screen name now, too. 

6. Smoking

This is one trend we're glad we see less of today, especially among the 'Wives. 

7. Sky Tops

No night-on-the-town outfit in 2006 was complete without a bejeweled sky top.

8. Heelys

If your pair of sneakers also doubled as roller skates, you were pretty much the coolest kid in school, as Kimberly Bryant's son Travis Bryant probably was with these sweet kicks.

Continue this trip down memory lane by checking out these pics from Season 1 of RHOC, below.

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