Heather: I Thought This Episode Was so Funny

Heather: I Thought This Episode Was so Funny

Heather dishes on having a blast with the other 'Wives in Mo'orea...

Sorry I've been blogless!! (Is that even a word?!?!) Anyway, the summer is so crazy!! The twins are going to sleep away camp for the first time, I'm trying to get them ready and trying not to freak out!! Coco got stung by a bee today, yikes!!! Other than that, we are having a great summer and hope you all are too...

I thought this episode was SO funny. I laughed out loud many times.

The OC 'Wives on Aphrodisiacs

What you didn't see was after Lizzie, Meghan, and I joined our more inebriated friends back at the hotel was that we all had a ball! I'm posting some of those pictures on my Instagram. So check them out @heatherdubrow!

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Let's Kiss on It

I also played bartender and made my own version of "fireball". I think it was pretty good, but they were too drunk to notice either way!

The fun will continue next week in Mo'orea!

Until then...

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