Heather: I Was Just Trying to Get the Truth

Heather: I Was Just Trying to Get the Truth

Shannon accuses Heather of breaking girl code, here's Heather's reaction...

We just dropped off Max and Nicky to sleep away camp for the first time! OMG, they will be gone for two weeks!!! I cried for an hour after leaving the camp and now I'm flying home with Terry. I know they are going to have the most amazing experience; I just selfishly miss them so much already!
Anyway, the house won't be totally quiet with Katarina and Coco still at home...so I'm going to focus on my private time with them. (And of course I am trolling the camp website every hour looking for glimpses of the twins in photos!!!!)

Anyway, on to this week's show!

Yes, Tamra and Vicki were VERY hungover, but we had plans and I wanted to get them moving! We were on vacation and there is time to nap later! I know in my interview I said they aren't 18 anymore...I meant 21...I know what the legal drinking age is and I'm certainly not condoning underage drinking! Just a slip of the tongue!

What you didn't see was this really fun buggy ride we went on all over the island. It was scenic and beautiful and we had lots of fun. Hopefully it will make it to the lost scenes episode!


Breaking Girl Code

Jimmy Edmonds has been a friend of mine and Terry's for a long time. Yes, I'm friends with his ex-wife. She is a great girl and it's sad their marriage didn't work out. That is NOT Meghan's fault, nor is it mine. There is no handbook to tell you how to deal with friends who got divorced. I'm doing the best I can to maintain my relationships in the most loving and honest way that I can.

Thank you Meghan for telling the girls to back off about this, it's not their business.

At dinner that night I couldn't remember exactly what Tamra told me about the "girl code" issue, but the GIST was that Shannon was being negative towards me. That's what I was trying to understand. If Tamra wants everything out in the open I don't know why she was annoyed by this. I certainly wasn't "going after" Tamra in any way. I was just trying to get the truth.

Playing Telephone in Tahiti

The golf cart drive back to our rooms was VERY DANGEROUS! Notice how no one spilled a drink though!

I thought the last dinner in Tahiti was really beautiful and the trip ended on a good note.

Next week everything takes a rather bizarre turn. The details will be particularly important to follow...curious to see what you all think. Pretty wild ride until the explosive finale.

Stay tuned...

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