Heather: It Truly Was a Great Weekend!

Heather: It Truly Was a Great Weekend!

Heather dishes on her amazing trip to Napa for the launch of her sparkling wine, Collette.


Happy Father's Day to all of the loving, wonderful Dads out there...especially my amazing husband!!!! Hope you all had a great day together celebrating the importance of family!

I'm writing this on a plane (again...ugh...). I've been in four time zones in the last week! Crazy!

I had so much fun on Watch What Happens Live Monday night. I brought my two best friends from college with me and we had such a ball! If you missed it you can still watch on demand or at bravotv.com!

This episode was so fun to watch! It's too bad they didn't have time to show everything we did - because it truly was a great weekend!

Since I spoke about the episode on WWHL, I will just add a few thoughts and highlights you didn't get to see...


A good hostess takes care of her guests and I try to do just that. I was so appreciative that everyone took time from their lives and families to come support me and COLLETTE, that I of course wanted to make everyone happy and have a great time. Shannon has always been so gracious when I'm in her home, I wanted her to know I am thinking of her too. I made sure there was vodka on the plane to Napa and I had a full bar set up at the launch party AND at Bello's home so she would have something to drink. I know she has a yeast free diet, and I was happy to take care of that!

Show Highlight
We Know How Heather Loves Champs


The cake was fake for transporting purposes! "All about the Cake" in Dana Point made it and they thought it was a good idea handle it this way. I also had them make two sheet cakes for everyone to eat, which we did! It was delicious and the "fake" cake was beautiful! Thankfully no one broke off a piece and ate it (haha) so it all went perfectly! Also a special thank you to my friends Donya, Lisa, and Jaye for getting the cakes to Napa in perfect condition!

When we went to Raymond Vineyards, Jean Charles Boisset (or JCB as he's known) was the ultimate host! He gave us the most fabulous tour, indulged us to blend our own wine, and poured us his reserve Cabernet in the special, members only VIP "red room".

Tamra Gets Naughty at the Winery

Thank you so much to JCB and Raymond vineyards for the incredible experience! We had so much fun and drank so much wine, Eddie and Meghan were doing pull ups in the party bus and Shannon and I were dirty dancing!!! I hope that makes it to the lost scenes episode at the end of the season!

We really did miss Vicki and I was glad Tamra and I called her from the party. It made her feel present. I am so proud of Vicki and all she has accomplished in her business! Your award was well deserved! Congratulations!

Lastly, I want to say thank you to WHEELS UP for the amazing flight! We love your pilots, your planes and your SWAG! (Best sweatshirts EVER!)

Next week things heat up...you're not going to want to miss anything this season!!!

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You can learn more about COLLETTE and CONSULTE BEAUTE (our skin care line) on my newly designed website heatherdubrow.com.

See you next week!!!


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