Meghan: All of the Evidence Is There

Meghan: All of the Evidence Is There

Find out what Meghan King Edmonds thinks of Vicki Gunvalson defending Brooks...

I know, I skipped my blog last week, but I've been crazy busy! As I write this, I'm actually relaxing on the beach, on a much need romantic getaway with my husband in Cabo! It is beautiful here and it's so nice to have time together – just the two of us, no friends, no family, and no distractions! After all my traveling lately, with my trip to Cambodia and filming the reunion, Cabo is just what I needed.

The facial that I did with Haley was a lot of fun and such a good bonding experience. I love when we get the chance to have fun step-mommy/daughter moments like that. I'm sad that she didn't come to the baptism with me, but I also know what it's like to be a young girl and have better things come up instead of hanging out with your parents - or stepparent in this case.

Shannon Discusses David's Infidelity

It was interesting to watch Tamra and Shannon have lunch with Heather and see the dynamics of the EVINE viewing party play out. I know the actual party was from last week's episode, but that was such a fun girls night! And how funny was Cinnamon?! I'm glad that the girls were able to fill Heather in on our night and the infamous PET scan.

Show Highlight
The Truth Is Always the Truth

Onto Vicki and blows my mind that Vicki continues to relentlessly defend herself and Brooks. She said, "you can't fix stupid" when referring to me and the girls talking about Brooks and his cancer, which is quite an ironic statement. All of the evidence is there, yet she's completely throwing religion in our faces as if we are bad people. How can she possibly keep portraying herself as a victim when all of this evidence is adding up against them? It's truly the opposite of what she claims Christianity to be. Just something to think about...

Can you believe next week is the finale?! Until can follow me on social media at @MeghanKEdmonds.

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