Meghan: Was There a Game of Telephone That I Missed?

Meghan: Was There a Game of Telephone That I Missed?

Meghan dishes on her conflict with Vicki...

This was such a fun trip! Please take me back to Mo'orea, Vicki!

It made me smile to watch these last couple episodes of our trip because of how much fun we all had together. It was an exhausting girls' trip, but I would go again in a heartbeat! ...Especially since I have so much going on right now.

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Meghan's Hashtag Hats

I have to say it, I can hardly stand the scenes in which Shannon talks about David's affair. It makes me so sad. I honestly fast forward through them because I can't handle it. In no way do I fault Shannon for talking about her affair and my heart goes out to her. But it's one thing to listen to a friend confiding in me and another thing to watch someone discuss it on television. I just don't like it.

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David's Affair Was Long-Term

Touching on the stepmother situation with Vicki; you might have noticed I didn't really stand up for myself. Well, sometimes when others project their insecurities on you it's not worth defending, especially after I've defended myself over the same issues over and over to Vicki, who has only interrogated me up to this point. For instance, if I tried to convince Aristotle that the world was round he would try to convince me it was flat by using facts and figures and I would not be able to even get him to consider that the world is round. It's the same thing with Vicki. Sometimes you just have to let ignorance go in one ear and out the other and trust that evolution will run its course.

Playing Telephone in Tahiti

Oh, was there a game of "telephone" that I missed? Because after watching this episode did Shannon say what I said she said? Yes.

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