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Tamra: I Was Absolutely Shocked When Vicki Told Me About Shannon's Mother-in-Law

"Not only does Shannon have to deal with the affair, she has to deal with the fact that his family was also cheating on her."

By Tamra Judge
Kelly Breaks Down While Discussing Her Marriage

So let’s start with my tipsy day date with Eddie shall we? After the whole Glamis debacle I think Eddie just wanted me to relax a little bit and have some fun. SO, we start drinking sake...of course with my competition coming up all I could think about is how many calories are in sake and how rice is a carb and carbs turn to sugar which goes straight to your a**. I know I’m being obsessive but the last few weeks are make it or break it time. Anyone that knows me well knows I can NOT stand to hear someone eat...I will jump out of my skin. I literally have to leave a room. So being on this strict diet I get annoyed so easy. Check please.

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Eddie usually stays pretty neutral about stuff. He is a no drama kind of guy. But with the sake flowing he made a comment about Shannon that I think was totally misunderstood. Eddie is the nicest guy and he absolutely LOVES Shannon. He would never want to say anything to hurt her feelings. He just knows how stressed out she has been ever since the ‘70s party, the move, her mother-in-law. Eddie never raises his voice and is pretty even tempered (unless he's hungry). He’s just a zen kind of guy. I know he wasn’t trying to single Shannon out or say anything hurtful, he just thought it would have been nice for her to go and relax.

Kelly and Michael Are Still Trying to Figure Each Other Out

Watching Kelly and Michael interact it makes me sad, you can see the lack of respect and love they have for each other. Hearing the conversation Kelly is having with her mom reminds me of a conversation I had with my mom shortly before I left my ex-husband. My mom told me that I needed to prepare myself because some parents use the children to hurt the other parent. My mom told me to prepare myself for the future; she was worried that Spencer would end up living with his dad since they were so close. Not uncommon in divorces, kids picking sides. We never thought it would be Sidney and to the degree it is. My dear sweet beautiful daughter that was so close to me. 

Vicki Reveals Shocking News About David's Mistress

After all the Glamis drama I thought it would be a nice gesture to take the ladies to the spa for a nice relaxing day. No motorcycles, no buggies, no dirt...just mud. I was absolutely SHOCKED when Vicki told me about Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna having family dinners with David’s mistress. To me that is just absolutely disgusting. Not only does Shannon have to deal with the affair, she has to deal with the fact that his family was also cheating on her. Who does that?!? To know that David’s mother condoned cheating? That is just next level horrible. To me that says something serious about Donna’s character. 

NOW I understand why Shannon reacted the way she did at the party last week. I would have freaked out too!! At the time I didn’t know any of this. All I knew was that Shannon has had issues with her sister-in-law in the past. So last week when Shannon’s mother-in-law told me that “Shannon pushed David to the affair” I was in shock. But after hearing Shannon tell me that David’s mom is a liar, I didn’t think she would be surprised when I told her what Donna said. Shannon is my good friend and I didn’t want it to come out later without her knowing about it. So I told Shannon and it upset her, which I totally understand now that I know Donna was inviting David’s mistress over for tea and cookies!! I just can’t even wrap my head around that. It’s heartbreaking to see a family torn apart like that, especially right after David and Shannon’s vow renewal. The whole situation is just messed up.

How cool is Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona! Midway through our massages I hear Kelly and Vicki yelling and crying and I thinking “REALLY? What could have possibly happened? Why can’t we all just lie down and enjoy our damn massages?” 

Later at lunch Kelly started talking about her marriage and how hard things have been. At this time in our friendship I felt bad for Kelly, I wanted to help her. I’ve been there myself. I know what it is like to be in a bad marriage. My words to her were just advice. I know from experience that the aftermath of divorce can be devastating. I don't want anyone to go through what I have had to deal with.

Am I the only one that doesn't know what to think about Vicki starting an insurance program for cancer patients? The way it was explained was more about making money and convincing people she had nothing to do with Brook's cancer scam. Michael sure called her out on some of her lies. Yikes.

Still to Come This Season on #RHOC...

The rest of the season looks crazy!

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