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Emily Simpson: I Now See That Shannon NEVER Used the Word "Concern"

Emily talks about the big game of telephone and the part she played in it.

By Emily Simpson
Emily Simpson Doesn't Appreciate People Having Opinions About Her Marriage How did the double date with Tamra and Eddie go?

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Emily Simpson: Shane and I always enjoy a night out! I was happy to finally spend some time with Tamra and Eddie and for them to really get to know Shane, especially since Tamra admitted that she doesn’t “know what kind of husband Shane is,” and that everyone is “only speculating” which is “not fair” – her words!

I think Shane and Eddie really hit it off! I love that when Tamra (of course) brought up the poker night incident regarding Gina’s exit that Eddie spoke up that he “probably would have done the same thing.” Haha! Love Eddie! Now that you've watched the conversation at Tanners, who do you think is to blame for all the misunderstandings that have happened as a result?

ES: Well, Tamra definitely got the ball rolling by initiating the whole conversation about Shane and my marriage at dinner, followed by her stoking the flames with comments such as, “So you think it’s a bad marriage?” But I do also recognize now that following that evening, there was a big game of “telephone” going on between all of us.

I definitely now see that after I left Tanners, Shannon was simply sharing her own personal experience of her husband and marriage. She was sure to make it clear that she was only sharing what she knew of her husband and herself. I can appreciate this.

When Gina  later conveyed to me what Shannon shared with the ladies, Gina said Shannon expressed “concern” for me. I now see that Shannon NEVER used the word "concern." However, by this point, my husband and marriage had continued to be a topic with the ladies for far too long, and so when I heard that Shannon and the other ladies were comparing her marriage to mine, it did not sit well with me. It didn’t help that up until this point Shannon had only shared with me the terrible things about her marriage. Unfortunately, I incorrectly made the leap in my mind that she felt I suffered “abuse” in my marriage - a connection I shouldn’t have made, and a word I wish I didn’t later accuse her of using. For that, I’m sorry Shannon.

Don't Even F---ing Blame It On Me, Shannon Beador How did you enjoy the golfing trip?

ES: Golfing was a great way to spend a day with all of the ladies. I really appreciate that Vicki shared her new passion with all of us for both her and Shannon’s birthday

Again, I wish I had known the complete conversation that took place at Tanners (or that I had not known any!), before I confronted Shannon and incorrectly quoted her. I don’t think it helped that later at our golf lunch, Tamra suddenly shifted gears, attacking Shannon stating that “when someone is talking about your husband, it’s hurtful.” Had this been Tamra’s position all along, I believe Shannon and I could have started building our friendship sooner. I still have hope! I very much enjoy engaging with those on Instagram! Click here to follow rhoc_emilysimpson



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